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Bio Who am I? A home finding expert who loves getting her Clients into the home of their dreams while supporting those dealing with Alzheimer’s.
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iPhone : In Texas, you can be fired for being gay. You can be denied a home for being gay. You can be barred from adopting a child who needs a loving family because you're gay. Discrimination is an urgent issue in our state. Discrimination against Chick-fil-A is not.…

iPhone : I came out to my mom when I was in 8th grade as being bisexual. She didnt even bat an eye. #LGBTQglowup #TurnUpTheLove #katierost #TheKatieFactor

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iPhone : Here’s the Mueller Report summarized in only 5 minutes-please share!

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iPhone : Thank you ⁦Bernie Sanders⁩ for your support on the #Road2EndAlz tonight on #conversationwiththecandidate with ⁦Adam Sexton⁩! ⁦WMUR Politics⁩ ⁦ALZ Impact Movement⁩ #Bernie2020 #ENDALZ #Alzheimers #NHPolitics #FITN #2020PresidentialElection #HonoringKen

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iPhone : RT if you agree that the United States shouldn’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia — a regime that bombs children, tortures political dissidents, murders journalists, and has perpetuated the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

iPhone : First, the only Stable Genius I know of is Mr. Ed. Secondly, the only genius this man is capable of is committing crimes. And convincing pathetic brown nosing sycophants to try to help him cover them up. #CoverUpTrump

iPhone : Trump essentially just shut down the government. He turned his back on US, threw a tantrum, & walked away from rebuilding our infrastructure, unless Congress stops its Constitutional duty of holding him accountable for his mountain of crimes. Biggest cover up in US history.

iPhone : I was a huge fan of the series “Dexter.” The finale is one of the most reviled hours of television in history. It really sucked. Like, REALLY sucked. But, insane as it may sound, I not only didn’t petition Showtime to redo it, I actually went pleasantly along with my life.

iPhone : Many of our mothers and grandmothers have been affected by Alzheimers disease. Know that we are here for you today, and all other days, 24/7 at 800.272.3900 or #MothersDay #ENDALZ Terrell Owens

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iPhone : Just incase anyone hasn’t seen this incredible video of Sophia Bush speaking volumes on a topic that is still extremely important.

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iPhone : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this thread. Our POTUS is deranged and needs to be lawfully removed from office. #25thAmendment…

iPhone : The day with the most light is the day we fight! On June 21 — the summer solstice — join thousands of people across the world in raising funds & awareness for the fight to #ENDALZ. Register now for #TheLongestDay: