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Bio The Commonwealth War Graves Commission pays tribute to the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.
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iPhone : Inspiring day of commemoration with the town of Brunssum, Netherlands, making all 382 of the British war dead honorary citizens of their town to mark the 75th anniversary of liberation. Hundreds of people paying respects and honouring these young men in a cemetery full of love.

Hootsuite Inc. : To mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation, the people of Brunssum today bestowed Honorary Citizenship upon the 328 British soldiers buried WarGravesCommission’s Brunssum War Cemetery – the first time such an award has been granted posthumously. Learn more: ow.ly/mpLa50wgu0x #WW2

Hootsuite Inc. : .WarGravesCommission’s Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery is the final resting place of over 1,700 Commonwealth servicemen – providing a reminder of the fighting here during September 1944. Watch on to discover more about this tranquil cemetery. #LegacyOfLiberation #Arnhem75 #MarketGarden75 #WW2

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Hootsuite Inc. : Join us in the coming days as we head to Holland to mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. We shall be broadcasting live from numerous WarGravesCommission sites around Arnhem as well as other areas of interest - keep an eye out for when we Go Live. #Arnhem75 #MarketGarden75 #WW2 pic.twitter.com/XZXG8pwsOH

Hootsuite Inc. : Captain Lionel Queripel, VC actions at Arnhem #OTD 75 years ago would see him posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Despite being wounded multiple times he single-handedly fought on before being killed. Learn more: ow.ly/SWSu50wbxo0 #LegacyOfLiberation #Arnhem75 #WW2

Hootsuite Inc. : Our team at Bayeux War Cemetery today welcomed Alan Mak MP to the site alongside a group of Second World War and Falklands War veterans. William Moody, Sector Supervisor, who has worked for WarGravesCommission for over 50 years, was able to meet and greet the guests on behalf of the Commission.

Hootsuite Inc. : The final podcast in our #LegacyOfLiberation series is now live. This time we turn our attentions towards Arnhem and what became ‘a bridge too far’ for the allies - speaking to two people who experienced the battle first hand. Listen to it, here: ow.ly/kXrc50weBiJ #Arnhem75

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Twitter Web App : Visiting @cwgc graves at Kildonan Cemetery, Isle of Eigg #Eigg #Scotland #UKNA #OurWorkContinues pscp.tv/w/cFIxCTFBbWp6…

Hootsuite Inc. : By September 1944 Lieutenant Peter Cane, 25, was a combat veteran. On 17 September whilst leading men through Arnhem he was mortally wounded but continued to encourage them, dying soon after. Learn more: ow.ly/SWSu50wbxo0 #LegacyOfLiberation #Arnhem75 #MarketGarden75 #WW2

Hootsuite Inc. : “As I came down at Ginkel Heath I was shot. It was a bit disconcerting as my elation of arriving was squashed when I realised that I couldn’t move my leg.” John Jefferies has added his thoughts to our #VoicesOfLiberation project: ow.ly/ScNO50wdy75 #Arnhem75 #MarketGarden75

Twitter Web App : peterdcruz Hello Peter, thank you for your message. Please find more details about our current job positions, here: cwgc.org/about-us/caree… Thanks, CWGC.

iPhone : Informative tour of the @cwgc Thiepval memorial with colleagues from UKNA. Harlene, Harry, Mike and Alan.
A big Thank you to Abigail who conducted the tour.
#cwgf interns #OurWorkContinues #WeAreCWGC

Hootsuite Inc. : RT Kev Barnes ROC South East: 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden. The first in were the 21st Independent Parachute Company to mark the DZ/LZ. This Chap was the lead pilot. Killed in a flying accident later in the War and now at Brookwood.

Hootsuite Inc. : RT Michael Davis: This photo from the WarGravesCommission #Archive shows the Lagos Memorial. The bronze statues represent a Hausa soldier of the Nigeria Regiment & an Igbo carrier of the Nigeria Carrier Corps & commemorated the 947 Nigerian casualties who died during #WW1