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iPhone : I'm so angry about the Doral corruption that I can barely see straight and I have to get up early, so I'm going to bed. But I want my last words on Twitter today to be "Elijah Cummings" in honor of a great American.

Elijah Cummings

iPhone : I've always believed that writing an obituary is a solemn obligation for a reporter, the final gift we can give. I was honored to write this one, for a good and decent man, Rep. Elijah Cummings.

iPhone : In the USA, if you call a doctor and ask if they "accept" your health insurance, you can't be certain they're telling the truth. You still have to spend an hour on the phone with your private insurance company's customer service agents to make sure. Research project!…

iPhone : As I was paying my respects to our forever Chairman, his staff told me that in his final hours he signed subpoenas to USCIS and ICE, pursuing justice for immigrants in my district & across the country with chronic medical conditions. A man of his word every moment of his life.

iPhone : Imagine using the most powerful office in the world to … fill up one of your hotels during its slow season.

The corruption is dumber than you could possibly imagine.…

iPhone : This one has broken me.
I am broken.

Elijah E. Cummings was a lion. A fierce warrior for justice. He was principled and kind. His spirit was pure & his moral compass was true. He will be GREATLY missed.

This one really, really hurts.

#RIPSir #ElijahCummings

iPhone : My latest on the G-7 and Doral: "One of the lies of Trump presidency is the idea he's so rich he can’t be tempted by conflicts of interests and penny-ante corruption ... For Trump, the presidency is like an all-you-can-eat financial buffet."…

iPhone : In case it's not clear from my freaking out, this G-7 thing is an escalation. It may look from the outside like it's been corruption all along—because it has been—but participating in a contract award to yourself is different by orders of magnitude. This is a red line crossed.

iPhone : Watching a story about a woman who owes $300k for student loans. Daily reports of bankruptcy from medical debts. So the 2 basic foundations of success — health and education — are fiscal minefields. Are you OK with that? As someone who grew up in 🇨🇦, it seems shockingly punitive.