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Twitter Web App : andrew kaczynski

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iPhone : Three things: (1) Omar lied about her support for BDS during the campaign. (2) Here is Chuck Schumer explaining why BDS is an anti-Semitic movement (…). (3) Omar is an anti-Semite, so she’ll be right at home in said movement.…

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Twitter Web App : hate on his hot dog all you want, but I think we are all hoping we look this good at age 72…

iPhone : Insane. If that chair hadnt moved I dont think this guy wouldve survived. The sound of the crash is haunting.

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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Official School Records Support Claims That Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Married Her Brother…

Twitter Web App : If Trump keeps driving news cycles and getting "The Squad" in front of cameras every day, he will have no problem winning in 2020.

I haven't seen a single thing about any presidential candidates in the news all week.

Twitter Web App : The only thing that can unite this country is Trump explaining how to pronounce Buttigieg:


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iPhone : Trump: Could you imagine what it could have been if we didn’t have the witch hunt ... if we didn’t have all the bullshit?

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Twitter Web App : Trump just highlighted all of Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitism and comments about terrorists and the crowd broke out in a loud "SEND HER BACK!" chant.

iPhone : cursed video

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Twitter Web App : "reporting" in 2019 has come down to obnoxious reporters all yelling questions at the top of their lungs while a helicopter is running and when Trump doesn't even hear them to respond, them tweeting "LOOK AT ME I OWNED HIM"…