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iPhone : 10 years as PM and we can’t remember a single instance of Stephen Harper making a gaffe of this size.

Conversely, this is only one of many Justin Trudeau international blunders on his gaffe filled resume.

#TwoFaced #ImpeachingHearings #cdnpoli

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iPhone : β€œBack in June of last year, the Ontario Liberal Party as we know it died. . . . So the party that we knew no longer exists.” #onpoli

FordNation destroyed the Liberal Party of Ontario…

iPhone : Justin Ling Jason Lietaer The point, Justin, is that hyper β€œwoke” folk like you want to eliminate every sign of Christianity. Yet there are no attempts to deploy this equally. If you want a secular society, you must go after all religions, but instead your focus is on Christianity exclusively

iPhone : More ANTIFA style thuggery coming from the teachers union

In case they’ve forgotten how well they’re compensated, check out
this years sunshine list and the spike in the number of teachers making over 100k #onpoli…

iPhone : At the gas pump, this works out to around 44 cents more per litre. For a 70 litre vehicle with just one weekly fillup, that's $1560 per year.

Weird how the carbon tax crowd wasn't talking about this during the election we just had.…

iPhone : The rules are different if youre a liberal. They don’t really care about stamping out bigotry. This is simply about beating the other side.

The dopes at the top were spared, yet #DonCherry wasn’t. I wonder why πŸ€”
#DonCherryIsRight #CancelCulture #doncherryfired #snowday