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Android : This week I met a homeless patient who told me food stamps are useless to him. You can’t buy hot food with SNAP. Where the hell are you supposed to cook your food if you don’t even have a bed to sleep in? At the very least, #1KaMonthWould feed him.

Android : If you haven't checked out Andrew Yang🧢 's policies def do it now! The freedom dividend will lead to so many great bands coming together. It would have made my life so much better when Third Eye Blind was starting out. youtu.be/t-FNcEBm6Lw twitter.com/AndrewYang/sta…

Android : #SorryChuckTodd your inability to see exponential growth for what it is and your refusal to think beyond your ideology won’t move the country forward, so that’s why we need Andrew Yang🧢, not some establishment Dem. that still keeps boots on people’s throats.

Android : #neveryang #neverwarren #bernieorbust

Let's make sure Yang loses this poll. Last time he barely made it because if yangbangerbots. This time it looks like he is gonna be rightfully shown to be the fraud he is.

#bernie2020 #BernieYellsForUs #feelthebern t.co/yCq8sdITrA

Android : You can subscribe to this musician on YouTube. Let's get him to 1,000 subscribers so he can monetize his channel, #YangGang. He was at 100 yesterday and he's already up to 547. #YouTubeAndrewYang