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iPhone : I'm writing book 2 right now and the most useful mantra I tell myself is: "Give draft 1 permission to be poor."

Remove the pressure of 1st draft being good. Get words on paper, don't over-edit and finish.

Draft 2 can be good. Draft 1's job is to exist.

iPhone : Usher really got fresh, met his dawgs in the parking garage, got a dance routine off, got on an elevator, went 150 floors up to a club, danced into the club to make an entrance while everybody watched, then got hella people in the club to dance w/ him bc his girl ain’t call him…

iPhone : ┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓

iPhone : ...response from iFundWomen:

We do not know why that happened and will investigate on our end. In the meantime, we can help you reach back out to your backers and get them to use a credit card, and process it through Stripe, instead.

Twitter Web App : I'm feeling every way imaginable right now but plan to honor all your sponsorship levels, even though I didn't receive the donation.

The dissolution of the campaign should be processed Monday. I'll send another update with that happens.

Twitter Web App : I chose iFundWomen because they reinvest a portion of their fees back into women owned businesses but none of the donations submitted through their site were actually processed or received by me.

Twitter Web App : If you supported my Zion Hill Media Group campaign, you should have just received an email from detailing what's going on.

Twitter Web App : Now, PayPal is saying that iFundWomen’s system integration is faulty and, though they showed in my total on their site, iFundWomen never actually processed anything.

Sooo basically I didn't receive any of the donations.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Excuse me while I cry.

iPhone : Folks literally scam people and clear $30K+ in less than a week. I just wanna start a media company, using a platform that reinvests its fees in businesses owned by women, and PayPal is like “...nah.”

Twitter Web App : using iFundWomen to crowdsource for ZHMG:

PayPal reversed every donation I received, saying every donor requested a reversal. I know that's not true and because I and a friend did one ourselves. I assumed it's a glitch. Rep pretended to transfer me and hung up.

I'm pissed.

iPhone : SHE SAID YES! The ABSOLUTE BEST version of a “reality” show is when something REALLY REAL comes from it! Help me CONGRATULATE the first cpl from our #ReadyToLove series to get ENGAGED! Tmw night we’ll show never seen footage of their journey! CONGRATS MIKE AND IEASHIA!!! 🙏🏾🖤❤️

Twitter Web App : Him: I missed you this Christmas. I hope we can spend more time together in 2020.

Me: My Christmas CashApp notifications proved that's a lie.

*three dots appear then disappear*

Twitter Web App : Reconciling with my dad is the Christmas miracle I never expected.

Learning more about myself, because of him, is the gift I didn't know I needed.

Closing out all these years of pain and walking into a new decade free from it really is a blessing.

Twitter Web App : I've spent these past few days planning how to adjust my own diet and health regimen, in the upcoming year, to accommodate for my newfound health history.

It's amazing how you can not have information one minute, get it in the next and your whole life has changed.

Twitter Web App : I also wanted to know his family's medical history because I needed it for myself.

I got that, too.

Unfortunately, I came to know it because of my dad's own serious health challenges but I know it now.