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Android : Impeachment managers laid out a clear case describing how Donald Trump solicited a bribe from President Zelensky when he pressured him to open investigations into a political opponent. If any other official did that, they would be in jail. This is a criminal presidency.

Android : Unfortunately true, every word. Warren always brings a PowerPoint presentation to a knife fight.

Klobuchar could handle Trump, but she’s just not gaining traction.…

Android : Rest in peace Jim Lehrer.
Thank you for you service to our country in the Armed Services as well as your towering career in journalism.

Murrow, Mudd, Cronkite, Lehrer... they just don’t make β€˜em like that anymore.

Android : Dear MSNBC,

I’m begging you, please get your shit together. We need to 100% get on board with helping the Democrats sell the TRUTH at all times. Emergency. We cannot depend on any other networks. ONLY put people on the air who are going to help 100% sell Schiff’s message. WTF!

Android : cognizant canuck Yeah, locking & blocking anyone who tries to point out what they’ve started has been most unhelpful, but I know Tuna Ro can see what I wrote a few days ago, & changing her bio around so many times isn’t a good look either, all things considered.

Android : .Sen. Marsha Blackburn #MoscowMarsha out doing interviews/reading during #ImpeachmentTrial is about what we expect, given her record of taking $14,500 a month to miss votes during the '17-'18 House session - when she was one of the top 10 most absent members.…

Android : Donald Trump must be convicted and removed from office.

Because he will always choose his own personal interest over our national interest.

Because in America, right matters. Truth matters.

If not, no Constitution can protect us.

If not, we are lost.

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