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Bio I love President Trump!! #KAG2020!!! I am Hispanic lady, born in Mexico, lived in USA 46 years. My home, my love, especially Vermon! #MAGA 😇
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Android : If President Trump, Mayors & Governors don’t start taking care of these vermin; I’m completely open to our private militias wiping them out! twitter.com/humanefreedom/…

Android : "May Allah Ruin Him", Rashida Tlaib's Palestinian Grandmother Curses President Trump Over Canceled Visit Jibe

Oh Brother! Jihadist Invaders and their kin...I would like nothing more than to deport Tlaib and permanently reunite her with her grandmother!


Android : Republican lawmakers should be focused on expanding gun rights and explaining to the American people why the Second Amendment was created, not slowing giving in to all the demands of the Democrat Party and destroying American's freedoms

Android : Momma beats the 💩 out of her ANTIFA son ...

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Android : A smile for my followers ....

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Android : Reasons Antifa won't leave mom's basement and come to my area:

-Constitutional carry
-Stand Your Ground Law
-Castle Doctrine
-Illegal to fire warning shots
-Pepper Balls precedent
-33% Gun Ownership Rate

Or, as I like to call it, A Million Ways to Die in the West.