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Twitter for iPad : HAPPY FATHERS DAY

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Twitter for iPad : Remainer supports Remainer.

Stunned. twitter.com/rorystewartuk/…

iPhone : Never Corbyn ...

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Twitter for iPad : Oh God Rory Stewart has just said he’s going to win the Conservative leadership race! Bring on nurse Ratched for god’s sake! 🙄 #Marr

Twitter for iPad : How will those uni aged remainers would feel about this?

The EU destroys hectares of rainforest, the home of so many endangered species.

Yet they tell us animal welfare standards will be inactive when we leave.

These animals don’t count though.


Twitter for iPad : Amazing head movement from Tyson Fury

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Twitter for iPad : Rory Stewart won’t serve in a Boris cabinet. Happy days. #marr

Twitter for iPad : The grubby socialists are coming for your things again! thetimes.co.uk/article/048909…

Twitter for iPad : Solar & wind make electricity expensive everywhere both because of their unreliability & their low energy return on energy invested (EROEI)

Minimum EROEI for economic viability is ~8x. Hydro & nuclear return 35x & 75x. Solar & wind return 2x & 4x


Twitter for iPad : .Craig Kelly MP: Climate hysteria has been the greatest recruiting tool for socialism over the last decade. The greatest danger that our kids face is socialist ideology, not climate change.

MORE: bit.ly/2XMvlsc #Outsiders

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Twitter for iPad : Ministers accused of reintroducing consumer subsidies for onshore wind turbines 'by the back door' telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/… via The Telegraph

Twitter for iPad : That Boris Johnson is making the precious little darlings so apoplectic illustrates he is the man for the job.