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iPhone : Brexit news latest:

Poll of polls says Britain is now against leaving EU as most want to stay | London Evening Standard

This is why we need a people’s vote now so that the people have a final say on a defined leave option and remain.…

iPhone : Delighted to be cutting the ribbon with Jay Pambhar to re-open Hollingbury Place Post Office!
Open 7 days a week, it offers a fantastic service for the local community & will make a real difference to people’s lives #Brighton

iPhone : Government should be ashamed of the way it is treating our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

the3million are right: we should grant permanent residence to all EU citizens living in UK, not turn them into unlawful residents…

Twitter Web App : #GDP figures out today. Worth remembering that obsession with growth is driving ecological destruction and worsening inequality. This must change.

#QueensSpeech on Monday must start that process if serious about #ClimateEmergency.

Here's why:…

Twitter Web App : Congratulations The Guardian for speaking the truth.

These companies:

🧪 have known the science for decades
🔥 profited from causing the climate emergency
💰 spent millions lobbying against climate inaction

Remember this when they tell you they're part of the solution…

iPhone : Delighted and excited to be appearing on Question Time tomorrow evening! The Extinction Rebellion protests are forcing the climate and ecological emergency onto the political (and media) agendas.

#ExtinctionRebellion #InternationalRebellion…

iPhone : We need both #PeoplesVote & Extinction Rebellion ⌛️ to safeguard future

Not only will building zero-carbon future be harder outside EU, it’s also clear that PM agenda for environment is bonfire of protections which we’ve fought years to secure

Me for @independent…

Twitter Web App : Culling of badgers to prevent TB in cattle doesn’t work

64,000 badgers will be needlessly killed this autumn in an expanded cull

It doesn’t stop TB and may even spread it further

We must stop this cruel, expensive and ineffective #badgercull now…

iPhone : Two Extinction Rebellion Peace activists have blockaded the Ministry of Defence in London. They say the £205 billion Trident replacement scheme should be scrapped and the billions saved should be spent on combatting climate change. #ExtinctionRebellion

iPhone : 🚨🚨🚨
We have days before Boris Johnson tries to impose a destructive No Deal on an unwilling country. Lets make Oct 19th the biggest protest yet!

Chip in to help fund student buses from unis & colleges across the UK:
🚍 🚍

#PeoplesVote #LetUsBeHeard

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iPhone : “I don’t think these are very seemly comments for a PM to be making” says Rupert Read of Extinction Rebellion, after the PM branded the climate protestors “crusties”

“This rebellion is about whether or not we have a future” #politicslive

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Twitter Web App : Britain was once 80% forested. Now it’s only 10%. Yet trees are the best way of absorbing CO2

We need to plant many more & sharply reduce emissions to tackle the #climateemergency

A fantastic initiative from Extinction Rebellion ⌛️ reforesting team handing out native British trees to MPs

Twitter Web App : Government’s claims on protecting environmental standards post #Brexit yet again shown to be untrue

Its No Deal Readiness Report reveals weaker standards & lower carbon price which will set back emission reductions

No amount of Gove oleaginous rhetoric can hide that

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Twitter Web App : Meanwhile in Parliament, the aviation industry is lobbying MPs to support tax CUTS for flying

It claims, incredulously, this is compatible with the #ClimateEmergency and essential for growth and somehow fair

This is business-as-usual killing the planet /END

Twitter Web App : Travel agency Responsible Travel, based in #Brighton, is living up to its name by calling for higher taxes on flying to reduce environmental damage /1…