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Bio London Assembly Member, Councillor for Highbury East ward, Islington. Green Party. Chair Assembly Environment Committee
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iPhone : We need elect Sian Berry as Mayor and more Green Assembly Members like Caroline Russell in next year’s elections.…

iPhone : So, ditch Roamer Parking scheme that encourages short car trips. Remove all parking bays installed at junctions - to improve sight lines. Bring in low traffic neighbourhoods and make main roads safe to walk & cycle with more crossings, side road zebras and protected bike lanes.…

iPhone : To be clear, I don’t know if Byline got figures right. But if ex-Tory chancellor is saying it, surely worth investigating. One reason of course why not is cos all news outlets struggling for cash. So subscribe to @ft or support @Guardian or any other 🙏

iPhone : Hey - Islington Labour. Islington's sustainable transport % of journeys (walking, cycling, public transport) vs inner London boroughs:

2012 - #2
2017 - #4
2029 - #6 (Tgt)
2040 - #9 (Tgt)

This is morally wrong.

7 inner London boroughs have better car reduction targets.

iPhone : Islington had the second largest drop in sustainable transport use in London over the last 7 years.... Are we serious about reversing it? Commit to higher targets, low-traffic neighbourhoods borough wide and a 3% per year reduction in onstreet car parking.

iPhone : Pretty annoyed. Both lifts at Hammersmith Bus Station broken, one for two weeks or more. Not a peep from TfL Access l can eat or get my bus, not both. Hungry it is #DisabilityChoices

iPhone : So sad that riding a bike in normal clothes is seen as a terrible thing in the UK, that cycling is something you can’t do in normal clothes. That’s what safety is and what I will stand. Not easy position for me to take, read my blog page if you really want to understand 👍

iPhone : Because the Mayor is in charge of the police, the independent GLA monitoring officer has to refer these misconduct concerns about Boris Johnson directly to the IOPC rather than the Met. The seriousness is more than evident, and casually dismissing it is not a good look.…

iPhone : This is a great job for someone out there.
Press Officer for the Green Party’s London 2020 campaign for Mayor and the Assembly elections.
Share widely and alert your friends (esp if they’d make a great press officer 😉).…

iPhone : Just caught up to David Allen Green discovering that the great Lord Justice Laws is Cummings' uncle. He knows Laws' stature & how unlikely this link is.

Why? Laws thinks we live under a constitutional democracy. Cummings arguably taking an axe to that.…

iPhone : This has taken me out of my twitter break.

Dominic Cummings is the nephew of John Laws (very eminent, senior former Court of Appeal judge and former First Treasury Counsel) ???!!

Wow. Wow.

I’m even more in shock than from yesterday’s judgment.…