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Android : CW: transphobia in the image

This is the kind of pride I want to have some day. This is what an amazing, inspiring person looks like.

This. Whole. Thread. twitter.com/cmclymer/statu…

Android : so you’re telling me that if an adult makes you angry and you slap them across the face, you can be charged with assault, but if you do the same thing to a small, defenseless and naive child, it’s called “parenting?” get the fuck out of here

Android : ME: Sometimes I feel depressed.

CAT THERAPIST: *places a glass of water down on the table* What did we talk about last week?

ME: *knocks over the glass of water and smiles*

CAT THERAPIST: I’m really proud of you.

Android : lets kiss
(if you dont want to it was just a joke)

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Twitter Web App : What in the godamn fuck is this?? What is this timeline?? Is anything real?? Am I real? I am scared! Please delete this immediately!! twitter.com/catsmovie/stat…

Twitter Web App : youtube.com/watch?v=G_FR1p…

This video was incredibly disappointing for a creator ive been following for a while now. I know i shouldnt have but i still wrote a massive comment about why its shit lol