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🏳️‍🌈 MD hopeful from the land of sugar. My tagalog is bad.

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Twitter Web App : Pat Eustaquio #DocPatIsOUT us educating our children art. I heard claire’s well versed in seeing the influences of frida kahlo’s eclectic style in contrast to diego rivera’s ganon HAHAHA…


Twitter Web App : This one goes out to any artist out there that’s struggling due to lack of support from his peers. To never compromise your comfort over anyone else’s judgment and focus honing your craft. You’ll get to that point someday that you wont benefit from all that bad mojo. just do you.

Twitter Web App : Flashback to now, I graduated, passed the board exams and still continued to draw my diagrams even if I was put in a spot by my instructors and ridiculed by more than half the class.

Twitter Web App : TL;DR I was hated by a good number of people because i’d raise points that they find too tactless or if not shouldn’t be raising mainly because I’m speaking against a certain authority. but let’s have that for next time.

Twitter Web App : But as you can see how stupid I’d sound if I fought back because the class was supportive of what he said by laughing at the thought of me drawing. structures, I was popular for “oversharing or asking too much, yadda yadda”

Twitter Web App : Okay so I have a very different learning style than everyone else but he was in no position putting me in a spot and telling me that I am less than anyone in his class just because I drew. It’s mean and I’m the type to revolt and bite back.

Twitter Web App : It was very perplexing for me because one. Anatomy deals with identifying structures and naming them yet here we have, my instructor teaching us by describing the structures which was time consuming and a cumbersome method.

Twitter Web App : “Mr. Regner you’re in the wrong course if you put so much effort in drawing you should’ve taken up fine arts or architecture” which was then ensued by laughter from everyone else in the classroom.

Twitter Web App : Going to take this time expressing how much art (yes I’m going to give in na.) has influenced much of my interests for medicine. I was quite surprised as to how one of my instructors berated me before for drawing mid class and told me:

Twitter Web App : Second talk will be done over at Damgo cafe, Silay which sports a more intimate space and we have their current artist on display right now Mikiboy Pama who will have his little portion tomorrow.

Twitter Web App : The talk was about how Bacolod was a Utopia for artists together with Manila and Baguio and how places like galleries play a huge influence to a lot of a certain place for “budding artists.”

Twitter Web App : Picture perfect moment earlier at orange gallery of artist, Charlie Co (one of my hometown favorites If you don’t know him he’s the guy that did the sculptures at shang’s rustans).

Twitter Web App : me 4 days ago: Oh goodie it looks like it’s going to rain!
4 days later: wala pa rin rain-…