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CoSchedule : Today, climate activist Greta Thunberg gave a speech at the U.N. Climate Action Summit. Read the transcript here ➡️

CoSchedule : Theresa Carter, a Target shopper, wants the chain to ditch plastic bags.

Over 350,000 petition signers echo her demand.

Twitter Web App : Gratitude from the man himself, #JonathanIrons. If you haven’t already, please click the link below to support us in seeing to it that he has the right to a fair trial. #WinWithJustice #Athletes4Impact…

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CoSchedule : Julia is one of millions of Americans that lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Every day is a fight.

The skyrocketing price of insulin only adds to the stress.

CoSchedule : Hey ATL, have you seen this truck rolling around your city?

Word on the street is UPS is feeling the heat.

CoSchedule : Equifax promised pay outs to those impacted by their breach. Now they're making victims jump through hoops to get that money.

Charles and over 200K supporters want to make sure Equifax Inc. is held accountable.

CoSchedule : Want to make a difference for the Amazon? We could try being more conscientious shoppers.

We could also sign Alexanders petition:

CoSchedule : This is why Theresa signed DianneBondyYogas petition calling on athleisure brands to add plus-size mannequins to their stores.

Whats your reason?

CoSchedule : Every time a UPS driver passes this truck, they’ll know we’re fighting for them. Every time a UPS exec passes this truck, they’ll feel the heat.

Theresa sent this truck to Atlanta, UPS headquarters, to demand they add A/C to their trucks:

CoSchedule : In 2016, we changed America when the Change community successfully petitioned the United States Congress to pass the Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights.

Now I’m asking you to take this movement global.

Amandas taking her fight to the UN:

Twitter Web App : Two of our #AllinForClimateAction petition starters, Rebecca (🇩🇪) and Cynthia (🇺🇸), joined Van Jones to discuss why young people want climate action NOW.

Twitter Web App : We're so proud of our youth #AllinForClimateAction petition starters!…

CoSchedule : Want to make a difference for the Amazon? Write or call your representatives and pressure them to take action.Alexanders petition is just one way to help.

In the meantime, signing Alexanders petition is another way to help:

CoSchedule : Cynthia is a Brooklyn high school student who joins climate advocates from around the world to represent more than 1 million people demanding world leaders go #AllInforClimateAction at the UN Climate Summit.

CoSchedule : Want to make a difference for the Amazon? Vote for candidates with concrete plans to address climate change.

In the meantime, signing Alexanders petition is another way to help. --->

CoSchedule : Cynthia Leung is striking for climate action today, and also has a message for climate activists: diversity and representation matters. Read her VICE article here #ClimateStrike #ClimateMarch #ClimateEmergency

CoSchedule : "I'm having to live in a society where coal plants are valued more than my life and my future." -- 16-year-old petition starter Aman Sharma on why he's participating in the #ClimateStrike

CoSchedule : Tired: Global leaders talking about doing something to address climate change.

Wired: Young people in the streets demanding action now to address the climate emergency. #ClimateStrike #ClimateMarch