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Twitter Media Studio : I would have absolutely no problem in confronting Donald Trump.

Jess Phillips MP, who is standing for the Labour leadership, says the US killing of a top Iranian general was reckless - and if she were Prime Minister, she would seek to de-escalate this situation.

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Twitter Media Studio : “I really hope that we can draw a line under ‘which man from the Labour Party are you most like?’”

Jess Phillips, who is running for leader of the Labour Party, says she is sick of Blairite and Corbynite factions - and none of that matters unless we can win.

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TweetDeck : What are the hidden costs of a cancer diagnosis?

Bills to pay, gruelling treatment and family to support, cancer sufferers can find money worries almost as tough as the disease itself.…

Twitter Media Studio : “They didnt kill him, Obama and Bush, because they feared what the consequences would be. Yet Trump it seems, he has no filters.”

Lindsey Hilsum explains the importance of the killing of Qassem Soleimani and what might happen following his assassination by the US government.

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TweetDeck : No papers. No status. No right to remain.

This undocumented migrant living in the UK doesn't even exist in the eyes of the law.

kamal reports:…

iPhone : A look back at a record-breaking decade for UK weather, as climate change continues to affect weather here and around the planet.

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Twitter Media Studio : “People from small working class communities like ours don’t have opportunities because they can’t get to jobs in the city.”

In Bolton, passenger-turned-rail activist Petra says that people like her “need to be able to get out of town and they can’t”.

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Twitter Media Studio : “You can’t ruin people’s lives in the way that these rail companies have done over the last couple of years.”

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says that there is “strong support for rail renationalisation”.

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Twitter Media Studio : Homes reduced to rubble and families forced out as a vast new coal mine in Germany swallows up towns and villages.

But the country has promised a green future - so why is it sacrificing history for dirty energy?

alex thomson finds out for #Uncovered:…

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