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TweetDeck : Brexit has engaged people in politics like never before. While thousands have taken to the streets to protest on both sides of the divide, others are fighting the war from their living rooms on social media – we met some of the keyboard warriors. Watch:…

TweetDeck : The Chinese mobile phone giant Huawei says it's the victim of a trade war between America and China after Google said it would no longer supply the company with its Android software. as siobhan kennedy reports:…

TweetDeck : European Parliament quaestor Catherine Bearder tells Jon Snow: ‘There seems to be a lot of spending going on, money coming into [Nigel] Farage's activities, that are not showing up on the public record’:…

Grabyo : A really stupid, bovine thing to do.

Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames reacts to breaking news that the Tory whip has been removed from Lord Heseltine - after publicly endorsing the Lib Dems.

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Twitter Media Studio : Hes going to be remembered as the man of the PayPal because thats where the moneys coming from.

Gordon Brown says the Brexit Partys funding should be investigated, but Nigel Farage accuses him of a disgusting smear. The Electoral Commission is visiting the partys HQ.

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Twitter Media Studio : “I said to Nigel Farage: You can either help us deliver Brexit or you can destroy the Conservative party.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen believes that it’s probably a necessity for his party to strike a deal with the Brexit Party.

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Twitter Media Studio : This is the moment a man threw a banana & salted caramel milkshake over Nigel Farage - and was arrested for common assault.

The Brexit Party leader is the latest candidate hit with a milkshake during the European election campaign, following Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin.

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Twitter Media Studio : “I would never advocate a no-deal Brexit… [but] you can’t take these options off the table.”

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the public want Brexit sorted “as quickly as possible”, and declines to reveal whether he’d like to be the next Prime Minister.

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Twitter Media Studio : “I’ve never been to a therapist in my life, so I didn’t know what to do.”

In the latest Ways to Change the World podcast, author and journalist Jon Ronson speaks out about his breakdown following his investigation into the death of a porn star.

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