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iPhone : bring all this up for a couple reasons:

1. history will be very unkind to the Kochs (they deserve every bit of it)

2. when you’re looking to change a system, look at adapting existing devices for new purposes β€” they can be powerful (just use them for good, not engineering hell)

iPhone : another tactic they LOVED was RE-branding

your 501(c)(4) get exposed as dark money?

presto, Focus on the Family Foundation is rebranded as CitizenLink. then CitizenLink becomes the Family Policy Alliance

harder to follow the money if you just keep renaming it 🎩🎩🎩

iPhone : it’s a first year econ student-caliber business plan that’s taken American politics hostage bc the Koch’s had a few hundred billion thanks to dad

iPhone : 3. now that you’ve got β€œproducts” to β€œsell” β€” even though your products are wildly unpopular, dangerous, and most Americans don’t want them β€” you set up marketing (dark money PAC advertising) and hire sales people (politicians you fund) to go push them

iPhone : in steps:

1. buy off universities to hire professors. those intellectuals produce your (radical, libertarian) ideas and papers. the β€œraw materials”

you fund the James Madison Institute for Public Policy, the Thomas Jefferson Institute, the Franklin Center... (how patriotic)

iPhone : Charles and David both always loved Richard Fink’s analogy of β€œmanufacturing” political influence

treat policy just like assembly line of products you manufacture and dump on (unsuspecting) consumers

[Fink = longtime GOP strategist + Koch employee]

iPhone : one impression I’ve always had about David & Charles Koch’s political approach was how formulaic & uncreative it was relative to the huge, warping impact it had on U.S. politics + world history

its mostly tactics any corporate middle manager can wield, which feels like the point

iPhone : every good culture I’ve ever seen puts in the effort on both sides to get this relationship right

and every toxic culture β€” whether it’s a company or country β€” has at least one side who lets it break down

iPhone : got put on the spot and asked by an interviewer β€œwhat makes a good culture (in a community or organization)?”

my answer:

culture’s an ongoing conversation or relationship between leaders & people. the best, healthiest ones are top-down and bottom-up

both sides listen + respond

iPhone : anyone in the Django ASGI dev community performance benchmarked daphne vs uvicorn?

daphne not cutting it as we grow, uvicorn looks better (then integrate http caching) but only finding anecdotes, not stats

if not gonna measure it and post comparison

iPhone : a simple narrative that remains impossibly hard to (a) express or (b) emotionally internalize:

1. the way society works today is frighteningly unsustainable

2. only profound change will stop untold devastation & loss of life

well done Jasper Bernes…