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iPhone : Thee are legal restrictions on whistleblowers for relevant executive branch entities and there can be some exposure beyond that depending on circumstances. A 5 minute google search will prove this obvious as this smear piece. wider ethical considerations as well…

iPhone : .@chriscuomo: One week of public impeachment hearings yield one step forward, two steps backwards for Pres. Trump and his defenders.

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iPhone : Republican Rep. Ted Yoho argues that Pres. Trumps push for an investigation in Ukraine was merely a part of a legitimate probe into meddling in the 2016 US election, adding none of this is impeachable.

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iPhone : Exclusive: After a private White House meeting, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas said he was on a secret mission for Trump, sources say. Vicky Ward reports

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iPhone : THERE IS A VERDICT in the Roger Stone trial. He's charged with 7 crimes, including lying to Congress, obstruction of Congress, witness tampering. He'll learn his fate soon.

iPhone : We were on the ground right after and the rebels showed zero respect for the dead....the Russian presence was obvious. The puppet govt they set up was believed to be overseen by Russian intel and the self-appointed pm of Donetsk was believed to be a Russian operative.…

iPhone : I wonder if admissions to Fordham (where trump actually started college) are up thanks to the connection? Beautiful Rose Hill campus in the Bronx.…

iPhone : Bribery is the practice of offering, giving, receiving, OR SOLICITING something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in discharge of his/ her public or legal duties. Just saying . . .

iPhone : Nothing like a president trashing their own, but style points aside - the ‘perfect’ call has the Ukraine President THANKING trump for relaying dirt on Yovanovitch.…

iPhone : Video: Sen. Blumenthal was delivering a floor speech on gun violence when an aide handed him a piece of paper about the Santa Clarita, HS shooting

How can we turn the other way? How can we refuse to see that shooting in real-time demanding our attention, requiring our action?

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iPhone : .Christopher C. Cuomo: The first battle today was over the worth of these witnesses, Taylor and Kent.

To be honest, they were credible, consistent, and nonpartisan in their appraisal.

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iPhone : GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin attacks the Democratic-led impeachment process claiming it is partisan unlike previous impeachment proceedings:

It wasnt with [Andrew] Johnson, it wasnt with [Bill] Clinton and it wasnt with [Richard] Nixon. It was bipartisan.

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iPhone : A really shabby defense.

Thats how Democratic Rep. Jim Himes described Republicans refrain of the facts that the White House eventually restored aid to Ukraine and that the President has the authority to dismiss ambassadors at will.

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iPhone : Rudy Giuliani was the elephant in the room today because he kept coming up and very interestingly the GOP kept staying away from him, says @chriscuomo. There had been this anticipation
that Rudy Giuliani might may be made a scapegoat, which I think is very dangerous...

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iPhone : When World War II veteran Michael Diederich asked for greeting cards to celebrate his upcoming 102nd birthday, staff at his care facility set a goal of helping him receive 102 cards. Now, he's already received more than 1,000.