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Twitter Web App : The question isn't whether the U.S. should be involved in the Middle East. It's whether we possess the tools to succeed.

Today, we try to solve political problems with brigades and bombs. Time for a new progressive foreign policy toolkit.…

Twitter Web App : It's a top 2 issue for general election voters who vote for Democrats. And the anti-gun violence movement is one of the most powerful forces in politics today. Every Dem debate will focus on guns bc that's what voters/activists want, even if it doesn't always produce fireworks.…

iPhone : Trump administration officials are working overtime to say he never gave the green light to this disastrous gift to ISIS, Russia, and Iran. I don’t envy them. But it’s demonstrably false:

TweetDeck : 1. Eliminate the individual mandate: PREMIUMS ↑

2. Impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients: COVERAGE ↓

3. Cut off payments to insurers: PREMIUMS ↑ 

4. Bring back junk plans: COVERAGE ↓

5. Slash the ad budget for sign-ups: ENROLLMENT ↓…

Twitter Web App : Right now, after Trump's double cross of the Kurds, we are just in day-to-day crisis management.

Today, the priority needs to be:

1. Holding Turkey to its commitment to stay out of Kobani, a Kurd city where a massacre could took place

2. Protect our remaining U.S. troops

Twitter Web App : INBOX: Chris Murphy: “First, Congress has a responsibility to get to the bottom of why Trump made this surprise decision last Sunday night. Any legislation that Congress takes up should require the president, and any candidate for president, to disclose their tax returns.”

TweetDeck : “Trump has used our security as a bargaining chip to extort a foreign government for a political favor.”

Republicans want you to believe that the facts around the impeachment inquiry are complicated. They’re not.

Chris Murphy explains:

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Twitter Web App : Trump waved Turkey into Syria. He sent out a press release proudly announcing their invasion. He effectively put rose petals on the ground to welcome them.

Inviting Turkey to invade and then sanctioning them for invading is insanity.

No one should fall for it.

Twitter Web App : 🚨Fiona Hill describes this scene:

In a White House meeting, Sondland tells Ukrainians they will get a Trump meeting if they open the investigations Trump wants. Then, Sondland follows the Ukrainians out of the meeting to privately make clear he's talking about Hunter Biden.

iPhone : If this is true, then the one guy on the texts who said there wasn’t a quid pro quo is going to testify that there was, in fact, a massive quid pro quo.…

iPhone : The walls are closing in.

The details we are learning about the shadow foreign policy operation Trump has been running to benefit himself personally are stunning.

Why have a democracy, if we allow this to happen without consequence?

iPhone : WATCH: Chris Murphy on the chaos in Syria after the Turkish invasion:

“Trump clearly green lit this operation and now is panicking.” #inners

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iPhone : "The attempt to get dirt on his political rivals is just the tip of the iceberg. For years, Trump has worked to weaken Ukraine and sell out its people to Russia," writes Chris Murphy…

iPhone : Trump opened the door for them, pushed them through, and is now trying to pretend he didn’t invite them in. What a disgrace.…

iPhone : The most important step Congress can take to address the Syria catastrophe is to pass emergency humanitarian funding.

There are aid groups still on the ground in Syria to support; and Iraq, already fragile, is drowning in refugees.

Time to stop complaining and do something.

iPhone : Donald Trump did not defeat ISIS, he lost the trade war, and the debt is higher than ever. In his defense, though, he has used the full force of your government to take health care away and make climate change worse.

iPhone : If Putin could write the script it would go:

- U.S. lets Turks slaughter Kurds, pushing Kurds closer to Assad/Russia

- U.S. then panics and sanctions Turkey, splintering NATO & solidifying Russia/Iran/Turkey axis.

But Putin didn’t have to write it. Trump & GOP did it for him.

iPhone : Every mother and father in America should watch video. Play it all the way to end. Know that this is the re-election message of your President.

And then ask yourself - how you sit your kids down and tell them you want this person to lead us.