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Bio We citizens are fed up with politics over country and doing what we can to change that in 2020...

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Twitter Web App : Raise your hand if you think a Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)/Kamala Harris ticket would mop the floor with Trump/Pence. 👋

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Twitter Web App : Mike Ford Kharly Citizens Fed Up There HAS to be a LAW against it!! Dear God!! I can’t think right now—I’m in SHOCK!!! Is this what our country has become?? A nation run by cheaters who will do whatever it takes to win, because that’s all that matters? First the GOP & then the Houston Astros!! It’s contagious !!

Twitter Web App : "Today had the best ever in the history of the world, the likes of which have never been seen before" the huge 1,190 point loss on the DOW Jones stock market...

So much winning that we can't stand it...

Donald J. Trump
#TrumpCrimeSyndicate needs to go now...!!

Twitter Web App : Let's hope this stays through the voting!!…

Twitter Web App : Peggy Kharly Citizens Fed Up In S Carolina you can vote on any ticket.Thats exactly what they are Republicans are being told. They can vote on the Dem ticket and to vote for the lowest candidate.
This is soooooo wrong. Of course its also Leningrad Lidseys state. So what else would we expect?
More like USSR!

Twitter Web App : Kharly Citizens Fed Up And I think I’ve finally reached my breaking point!! TRUMP CANNOT DO THAT!! Don’t all states have some kind of list saying how many voters in their state are Democrats or GOP or other? Isn’t that how a state is Red or Blue? Wouldn’t they notice the huge change in numbers?

Twitter Web App : Citizens Fed Up Jane Sanders is on Russia Today explaining how this is a good thing for Bernie. That Republicans can vote for him. She honestly believes the Republicans will also vote for Bernie in the general election. They are a cult and it's frightening how much influence they have.