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iPhone : The moment hypocrite #LibDems Jo Swinson gets busted on #PoliticsLive doesn’t want fracking but happy to take 14 grand from a fracker crooked isn’t the word

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iPhone : Im not normally in favour of the death penalty but I could be persuaded.

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iPhone : Another 4000 views in less than 24 hours. Amazing . The emerging federal EUSSR BRUSSELS quango in collusion with our government is being well vented across Twitter ! Thanks and keep retweeting with gusto! #StandUp4Brexit #BrexitBetrayal #StandUp4Democracy…

iPhone : Criminals are entitled to everything, ordinary people are just “plebs” with no rights just obligations. Must start fussing to remedy injustices.…

iPhone : If everyone who has ever been grateful for the NHS followed and retweeted we’d reach a million by midnight.

We’d also love to hear your reasons why with the hashtag #NHSMillion

iPhone : #OnThisDay in 1987 the IRA murdered Nathaniel Cush, 47. Married father of 2. Post office worker murdered when car bomb exploded leaving work, Tomb St. “When the fella got into the car & switched it on it exploded. He never stood a chance”. He’d left the UDR 10 weeks earlier #OTD

iPhone : Jess Phillips Thankfully gobby faux working class champagne socialists like yourself don’t live down my street, hang out where I hang out or will ever be my friend either so the point of this rather pointless tweet is ?? 🤔🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

iPhone : BBC News (UK) You get dirty money from the EU dictatorship too. #ConflictOfInterest. It seems to me that you, the fascist BBC, want to tax the over-75's punitively: because you blame them for Brexit.…

iPhone : Tim Martin: Real danger is Boris signs Leave 'deal' & 90% of May's withdrawal treaty gets chucked in with a couple of minor tweaks to backstop.
Oct 31 is THE deadline.
We don't want yet more dreadful prolonging of agony, yet more transition.
#Brexit #EU…

iPhone : Vapp #Democratic process is to consult with our membership and beyond,
To help shape the manifesto by asking for your discussion paper[s]

We will be releasing 3 subjects per day.

Taxation personal & business
Food, farming & fishing policies
Family & Children protection policy