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Bio Columnist. J-prof @KentState. Novel “Erietown” (Random House): Spring 2020. Won Pulitzer, which didnt impress my dog. Married @SenSherrodBrown, so never bored.
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Twitter Web App : Jeff Sharlet I know your mother without ever having met her. No matter how tight our budget, we went to bookstores. My daughter is a mother of two now. I'll never forget being in a bookstore with her when she repeated my long-ago mantra to her son: "We always have money for books."

iPhone : “He was the meanest overseer us ever had. He took my oldest brother and had him stretched out just like you see Christ on the cross; had him chained, and I sat on the ground by him and cried all night like Mary and them done.”… via @mgmadvertiser

iPhone : My girl and her girl. In my single mother days, I prayed, “God, let me live until my children are launched.” Years later, I want, I want. I can never have enough days of this.

iPhone : Dad was a utility worker and proud member of Local 270, UWUA National. First time he heard “The River,” he looked at my mother and said, “ How ‘bout that?” They were teenagers when Mom became pregnant with me. They married and Dad got his union card the month after I was born.

iPhone : If Dad were alive I would call today to let him know Bruce’s new album is out and he would say, “You’re still not over that boy,” and I would be 18 again.…

iPhone : “America’s enemies will see Trump’s comments and likely ‘come out of the woodwork like never before to try to influence the president,’ said longtime FBI veteran Frank Figliuzzi...”…

iPhone : Ronan Farrow to crowd of media executives in journalists at Mirror Awards: "I see some people here who have lied to protect power in the way we're all decrying today. People who have lied to The New Yorker."

iPhone : “...congressional spouses get to go to a training camp!” The only “training” I remember as a new senator’s wife was how to order Senate china. I passed. If you know who you are, be that.…

Twitter Web App : Tom Jones 4/ Finally, Maddow and Ingraham are not interchangeable, for many reasons. I offer just one: Rachel Maddow would never disrespect WWII soldiers by yukking it up on live television against a backdrop of their graves.