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Twitter Web Client : Boris Johnson takes a private jet, no less, to fly 25 minutes despite the train taking just 53 minutes.

Climate groups condemn this 'absurd and unacceptable' journey.

It's like we have our very own Trump isn't it.


Twitter Web Client : The Tories have had nine years to fund our NHS properly.

Dont believe them when they say they will now.

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Twitter Web Client : In the last 2 years, Ive talked to thousands of people & I know many of them feel powerless. Theres a real feeling in our communities that nothing can change. But they can. We have the chance to change everything on Thursday. Politics should facilitate the power of the people.

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Twitter Web Client : Powerful stuff.

This is what is actually happening, what is actually being talked about up and down this land, although the corrupt media spin rarely lets you see it.

Lets put an end to this needless suffering.


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Twitter Web Client : And to think you’re about to vote for another 5 years of this? Please don’t. We can do so much better than this.

Shivering schoolchildren who can't afford coats leave teacher crying #GE2019… #RejectBorisJohnson

Twitter Web Client : Nobody was punched. But Laura Kuenssberg reported what she was told by the Tories and that’s now turned into a massive story. Completely distracting from the real story of a 4 year old boy forced to sleep on the floor of an A&E department. Is this really the media we deserve?

Twitter Web Client : LAB for the many:
☑️ Free dentist check ups
☑️ Free prescriptions
☑️ Green Industrial Revolution to tackle climate change
☑️ £10 living wage at 16
☑️ Abolish tuition fees
☑️ Free social care at 65
☑️ Public ownership of rail, utilities, BT Broadband & Mail

Twitter Web Client : I can vouch for what this psychiatrist is saying about #mentalhealthcrisis; I have been volunteering this year as a psychotherapist at #Thecaravan in Piccadilly and I saw many clients who could not be seen by a totally underfunded mental health service 😩 save our #NHS…

Twitter Web Client : Boris is trying to change subject by saying he'll stop BBC license fee. Dead cat on table trick. Won't work, this is going to dominate right upto polls close. Because turning away from ill kids sleeping on floors doesn't go down well with Great British public #GE2019…

Twitter Web Client : Friends of the Earth: "It’s impossible to see what benefit could come from flying over such a short distance rather than using a train or campaign bus. Nobody, including the Prime Minister, can get away from the fact that fewer planes in the sky will help fix the climate crisis.”

Twitter Web Client : Greenpeace: “It’s absurd and unacceptable for anyone to take a flight for a journey that could be done less than an hour by train, not least the Prime Minister, who should be leading by example. It makes his lack of ambition for tackling the issue glaringly obvious.”