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Twitter Web App : i've gotta get caught up on the 47 Meters Down series, directed by the guy who made The Strangers: Prey at Night, one of my favourite horror movies of the last few years

Twitter Web App : Angelo Muredda nuanced opinion guy one thing i found interesting yesterday was all the outlets rushing to write the news about Disney+ pricing, etc. meanwhile, Disney itself flooded my feeds with ads telling me the exact same info. a very "what are we even doing here?" feeling swept over me.

Twitter Web App : incredible work here by Beinart…

iPhone : great seeing Blue Velvet on the big screen. less great sitting in an audience full of guffawing buffoons.

iPhone : love that the guy who was like “taffy, go get that money, you’re 20 times more deserving of a living wage than the average writer” is the same guy who writes about Rogan having special insight into America’s men

iPhone : The Atlantic Writing a 8,000 word essay on the mystery of why Joe Rogan captures such a large and loyal audience, theorising that he, alone, understands the cultural zeitgeist of young, frustrated men.

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