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iPhone : it’s been 3 days and still this monstrous idiot has been been forced to correct straight up factual errors in her column. how can New York Times Opinion remotely justify this? even the shittiest blogs i’ve written for didn’t operate on standards so low.…

iPhone : holy shit

a kid asked pete if he will help take big money out of politics and stop having closed-door fundraisers with billionaires

petes response?

a curt no

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iPhone : still not even close to as bad as the Giffords sequence in The Newsroom, though i almost wish it was

iPhone : ummm, the most recent episode of The Morning Show covering the Las Vegas shooting like it’s the fucking Newsroom, lmao why am i still watching this garbage show?

Twitter Web App : b-boy bouiebaisse Schüfftan (who also worked on METROPOLIS!!) knew what the fuck he was doing with that lighting and those anamorphic lenses

Twitter Web App : the clear lesson here is that all movies should be shot on film and star Paul Newman

Twitter Web App : saw The Hustler and The Color of Money for the first time this weekend, and it occurred to me that those films would not work if shot digitally. so much about the pool scenes works because you understand implicitly the actors had to get it right and couldn't waste THAT much film.

Twitter Web App : kind of amazing to see Damon Lindelof essentially repurposing the best of Lost and The Leftovers for his take on Watchmen and have it all fit perfectly