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TweetDeck : 'Non-lethal isolation of chytrid fungi from amphibians’ Understanding global distribution and origin of Bd… us to sample the Earth. We can do that without killing adult amphibians… #chytrid #bd #frogs

TweetDeck : At some point in the past century, a frog-killing fungus was unintentionally exported from the Korean Peninsula. The result was one of the deadliest pathogens on the planet.

TweetDeck : A global collaboration, including the Zamudio Lab in EEB, use genomics to identify the origin and global dynamics of the amphibian-killing fungus. #BD #frogs #conservation #chytrid…

TweetDeck : #Istudyevolution of microbes in real time — what shapes the genomic engines that drive the Earth’s biogeochemical cycles? Why do we have so much biodiversity, when in principle one or a few self-sufficient cell types could do everything?

TweetDeck : #Istudyevolution using evolutionary genomics of long-term field studies and pedigrees to understand how evolutionary forces shape patterns of genetic variation and fitness over short timescales. Happy #DarwinDay2018!

TweetDeck : #Istudyevolution by studying monkey behavior and cognition. What our relatives do helps us understand and even help people!

TweetDeck : #IStudyEvolution to understand how animals use their colours and chemical defences to protect themselves from predators, especially when both colours and chemicals are variable —as in dyeing #poisonfrogs and #woodtigermoths #DarwinDay2018

TweetDeck : #IStudyEvolution to figure out how animals are able to deal with new challenges in their environment - like these invasive fire ants which eat and are eaten by fence lizards.

TweetDeck : Happy #DarwinDay everyone! #IStudyEvolution of #malaria parasites including the hundreds of species that infect non-human hosts like 🦎🐢🦇🦉🦌🐀

TweetDeck : #Istudyevolution because only #evolution could have come up with this random assortment and placed it freezing water at the bottom of the world! #Antarctic #Biodiversity is as beautiful as it is mysterious! Happy Darwin Day! click to see the full image! Antarctic Survey #nature #art