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Twitter Web Client : It’s so fascinating that Galactus‘s origin story parallels the FF’s so closely — the disastrous rocket flight, the exposure to cosmic’d be interesting to see someone do something with this. What’s the significance of this parallel?

Twitter Web Client : Finally a Fantastic Four Funko!

Shame it's Ben again, but I like him in the trench coat. Hopefully, they'll release ones for the others too and put his old one back in production.…

Twitter Web Client : Is the Marvel 80th anniversary thing just an X-Men thing?

Because almost all the promo I see Marvel post about it on their twitter is X-Men related.

Twitter Web Client : deadpooliskind justzilla Yeah I like it. I'd just add a mini for the individual members of the team. Like right now it's Sue, but after that it could Johnny, then Reed. If one get's really good sales/reviews then it could become an ongoing solo book.

Twitter Web Client : deadpooliskind justzilla I think the the only similarities are in pulling off big cosmic ideas. That's important to getting the Fantastic Four right. They are all about huge cosmic concepts as well as the family dynamics. The great FF writers have some overlap in the things they are good at.