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Twitter Web App : Hemans I know it will never be downplayed to the level the FF and X-Men were and I wouldn't want it to. I'm just hoping that we'd go down from 5 Peter Parker books out at the same time to only two.

Twitter Web App : D23 just got slightly more interesting for me. I wonder what Marvel is going to present.

Twitter Web App : Lets Talk Dr. Doom! ➃ Agent of G.I.R.L Plus it will no longer be restricted by having to fit the MCU and what happens there. Part of what was exciting about Peter being the MCU was seeing him interact with other heroes. But in the MCU he only properly interacted with Tony. With everyone else it was a sentence or two.

Twitter Web App : Another bright-side in all of this. Hopefully, the end of that crappy Spider-Man cartoon!

Twitter Web App : Fantastic Four You don't have to worry about that. Spider-Man is still Marvel's top seller, especially in terms of merchandise. They would literally be harming their own company if they pulled the same things they did with the FF and X-Men.
Plus Venom was never in the MCU, so no difference.

Twitter Web App : Also, hopefully there won't be like 10 Spider-Man comics out at the same time. Marvel may take some of that time and energy pushing other characters....

Twitter Web App : The bright side of this Spider-Man news is that the MCU will be looking to fill the void.

In steps Kamala Khan!!

Twitter Web App : Lets Talk Dr. Doom! ➃ Agent of G.I.R.L I'm not into Spideytorch. I enjoy their relationship, but see it as completely platonic (but still great).

What I'm sad about is not seeing the way the entire FF accepts Peter and treats him like an extended family member. It's a shame it won't be onscreen.

Twitter Web App : Y'all couldn't let me finally have Peter with the Fantastic Four on the big screen, could you?…

Twitter Web App : Why does the McDonalds milkshakes taste like ass in the UK?

Twitter Web App : In 3 issues Sue will be back to being forgotten and mistreated in the Marvel Universe again

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Twitter Web App : Chris Evans' Johnny Storm was just a giant asshole and barely resembled 616 Johnny. He was a mean-spirited, superficial character that never grew. I hate how much this interpretation influenced how future comic writers wrote Johnny.…

Twitter Web App : First there were who?!!!!!

The disrespect....…

Twitter Web App : The Negative Zone book should be more about Johnny and something he did there seeing as he spent a lot of time there when he "died" back in Hickman's run. I now see him as having a closer connection with that dimension than Reed.