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Bio Bitcoin Maximalist. Stoned Cold Assasin with Money. Shunning all Assets that are not Satoshis. Minus the Real Estate. Quantum Advantage. At your Sevice..
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Twitter Web App : Raynes Radar Nye When I first got here. I was all about Parity. Men Women. Let's all get equal. Then I realized I was wasting my was like talking to people at the grocery store about BTC. Just wasted time..So fuck it. Let's just pretend we're all equal then. Even though we are not. BTC

Twitter Web App : Raynes Radar Nye They couldn't. You say hey hey. But When it came time to figure shit out on an island. Of course there are exceptions like you. Lets be real. They could have used your matches. Is anything equal. When it comes money and survival?

Twitter Web App : Jim Cramer Yes we are. America loves its MCD. Now you focus Jim. Barely any Bitcoin Talk out of you? Why? Even without a Yield it has outperformed every bond on the planet. I checked. How about some old independent Jim? Give me an honest opinion on Bitcoin?

Twitter Web App : Stephen Guilfoyle I'm depressed after all that. Gold soft. Oil Flat. Europe Mostly Lower? Well they need an upper. How about Bitcoin in your mix Guilfoyle? Just 1 or a few for you. There are more people in New York then there are BTC for a Planet. Theres a new Standard. And its Code. Bitcoin

Twitter Web App : Raynes Radar Nye I saw a video of some women heading to an Island. And they hugged and talked shit about each other for a bit until they almost all died. They were unable to get a fire going. So maybe If there were more Fire Starters. So Parity in Bitcoin. Anytime Soon. Unlikely BTC anyways.

Twitter Web App : Jo Ann Logan Lane Well. You didnt know about marriage before you got married. And now 52 years? We dont always have to understand something for it to work. It's just Code. Its an Insurance policy for mismanaged Government.

Twitter Web App : BG Iradji🇺🇸 Justin Sun) 's Twitter Profile">Justin Sun Tron might have been a horrible movie. But at least it's not TRON the Alt. $0.0178? Wtf? Justin Sun) 's Twitter Profile">Justin Sun is doing his best to Pump that Shitcoin.We already know.. Dead Money walking with Shitty Alt Tron. 99,281,283,754 billion tokens? That shit is funny. Might as well be Zero. BTC

Twitter Web App : Ray Novelly⭐⭐⭐ I went and looked at your stuff. And TWTR kicked me out. Twice. I had to admit I'm not a robot. And then I was given a code. Now they are spying on me and I need to behave. I'm not sure what you've done to my account. But Pedos go to Prison. Clinton first. FU TWTR we have a 1st

Twitter Web App : BamaLu bazzi) 's Twitter Profile">bazzi Nice. Perfect to listen to High bazzi) 's Twitter Profile">bazzi . Mine would be Easy E Boyz-n-the-Hood.. Dedicated to all those Marginalized and Abandoned and Abused and Neglected and those that get pushed down by the System. In those Concrete Jungles. Bitcoin Choice. Bitcoin 🕊 Live Easy. Love Easy.