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Twitter Web App : Retweet if you fully support women divorcing their lazy, misogynistic, and abusive husbands.
Just wanna see something.

Twitter Web App : Kabhi kabhi to dil karta hai account deactivate kar dun

Twitter Web App : Ye mobile mere baghair 2 mint bhi nai rah sakta

Twitter Web App : if u meet me in person, you gotta be patient enough to get trough my shy/awkward phase before i become cool

Twitter Web App : I’m the worst texter you’ll ever meet and i’m so sorry for this

Twitter Web App : Pick a Qur'an Verse for what you're feeling

Sinned-39:53, 3:31
Unhappy & Depressed-3:139
In danger-3:54
Lack of Faith-13:28
Need of Courage-55:60
Need of Direction-6:71, 64:11

Allah has given guidance of life's career

Twitter Web App : When me and my sibling fight but my parents appear

My sibling: help!!!!

Twitter Web App : Maths teacher: Suppose you have 4 friends and..


Twitter Web App : I've seen better days
But I've also seen worse
I don't have everything that i want, but i do have all i need.
I woke up with some aches and pains,
But i woke up.
My life is not be perfect
But i am blessed.
Always be thankful and say Alhumdulillah for what you have.

Twitter Web App : I know he can't be mine. But still, Ya Allah pleaseeee

Twitter Web App : You'll be almost unstoppable when you can use all the negative experiences to learn, practice, and improve yourself.

Twitter Web App : Isn’t it scary knowing that any time could be the last time you talk to someone? Always keep that in mind.

Twitter Web App : The nice person in me is slowly fading away bcz I’m genuinely tired of the lack of respect and love people show towards me

Twitter Web App : Why does the body wake up even when your mind is still tired??

Twitter Web App : The way my eyesight blurs when I take off my glasses is painful..