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Android : #wtp2020 donna dodd♥‿♥ This is NOT what the Men in my life served for, my brother died for - to be mercenaries of a greedy, corrupt, racist, rapist, evil, petty, small, uneducated excuse of a Human!!!
Is there no one left to stop him from doing this to our Armed Forces? Anyone? pic.twitter.com/I1ODMMevHr

Android : Dear Mr Lewandowski:
We Democrats do not "hate this president more than we love our country."
We hate this president BECAUSE we love our country.

Android : "Please save your praise, we don’t want it. Don’t invite us here to tell us how inspiring we are without doing anything about it. It doesn’t lead to anything."
Today I and other young activists visited US Congress... Tomorrow we return to give speeches.

Android : Hey Resisters. Every once in a while you get followed by a Resister, and when vetting, you crack up about their creative Bio and handle. Here's one for you: Granny Panties Granny Panties Just had to follow. How about you? She didn't ask for a shout out, I just thought it was special

Android : Why do republicans obstruct investigations, avoid subpoenas, hide shit, waste time bashing Dems?

Wouldn’t they want to get to the bottom of everything? Especially if they think he is innocent.

They don’t want to because Trump is guilty & they know it!

Android : That right there is the problem.
Too many that only care abt themselves.... Hate to tell ya Guys, you don't live on an Island. When the poor have nothing more to loose, it's your ass they're gonna go after. Be smart, don't let it get that far.... twitter.com/thomaskaine5/s…

Android : Beto ORourke walks into a guns show, and now an Austin man walks into a police department and voluntarily turns in assault rifle. Americans gun owners joining the fight with ORourke to save lives. What strong leadership can accomplish. #MorningJoe

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Android : trump's like Hitler. we criticized Germans for not doing anything about Hitler. what do we tell the world about why we are doing so little about trump? twitter.com/thomaskaine5/s…