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With all results out focus turns to start of term. To help I am offering 1 winner a chance to own Yr 1 Chemistry slides for either AQA, OCR, Salters or Edexcel worth Β£39.99!
Just like AND retweet this post.
Ends 3pm Friday 6th Sept.

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Android : Ive spent some time building what will hopefully be the ultimate directory of people in education on twitter. Lots of you have been added, but you can add yourself on the website. If youre new to edu, or would like inspiring by others --> #edutwitter πŸ‘

Android : Miss Dean Secondary here - we are expected to call our registers out loud every lesson. I expect my pupils to respond with "here sir" or "yes sir". I don't consider myself to be draconian but I do feel it is a great opportunity to set a respectful tone right at the beginning of each lesson

Android : Mrs O πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ I find buzz words and cheesy terms in education highly irritating. I must confess I find this one quite useful. Our version of this is going through a piece of work on a visualizer, highlighting misconceptions, www, ebi and also a great metacognition opportunity.

Android : Need some advice! Does anyone recommend doing doctorate whilst teaching? Really want to do a Doctorate of Education (EdD), and the course is designed to be completed when working, along with the DfE providing loans for doctorates now. Just worries about workload?

Android : Mr Humanities 13 years!
Better then because - more funding!
Better now because - I'm not wasting time doing 3 different coloured sheets for each lesson or wondering how to engage my auditory learners! πŸ˜‚

Android : NEW RESOURCES: I've been updating the AQA #biology #GCSE SLOP booklets made last year by #cogscisci. Visit the page to download and save yourself some time! Comments welcome πŸ˜€#teamscience #asechat #ukedchat…

Android : If you're interested in our #sciencestories project you can read about it here:… and feel free to write down the great science stories you use in your teaching. More to come, I still want to get this to at least 50 stories.

Android : A time lapse of the night sky with a twist. The milky way is fixed, while the earth rotates.

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