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Twitter Web App : ODOX Election Maps UK No, they're the odds for which part wins the most seats. Tories are marginal favourites to get a majority after announcement of Farage deal, but hung parliament is essentially the same odds.

Twitter Web App : Dave Hill No - it's just house effects (differences in pollsters methods mean some consistent differences in the leads they show). We just happen to have had 2 polls from companies who show smaller leads. Thing to watch is the trends for the same pollster.

Twitter Web App : The Election Maps UK comparison with polling at this stage in the campaign is an interesting corrective to the idea the Tories are running away with this campaign. And also the narrative Boris is cutting through much more effectively than May in 2017.

Twitter Web App : Current Polling Compared to This Time in the 2017 Campaign:

CON: 38.5% (-8.6)
LAB: 28.4% (-0.1)
LDM: 15.9% (+6.5)
BXP: 8.9% (+2.5)*
GRN: 3.7% (+0.7)

*Changes w/ UKIP vote share.

Twitter Web App : Stephen Adamson YNWA #GTTO "Mr Byrne has said he is "mortified" by the posts, which include misogynistic and abusive language towards female politicians, mocking disabled athletes and an apparent joke about wife-beating".

Twitter Web App : This is fair. If you could choose one organisation to mentor someone about setting aside their bigoted and extremist views, you'd immediately pick Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party wouldn't you.


Twitter Web App : Nick Boles: I'm a moderniser. I backed Remain. And here's why I believe Johnson should be the next Conservative leader | Conservative Home conservativehome.com/platform/2016/…

Twitter Web App : David Aaronovitch Sally Gimson Well, I'm not as confident. But the choice is the same. A Johnson government that delivers Brexit, or a Corbyn led government that stops it. And you only get to a Corbyn led government by voting for the likes of Laura Piddock and Ian Lavery. There aren't enough Gimson's.

Twitter Web App : David Aaronovitch Sally Gimson You've seen how compliant the PLP has been over the past two years. If Corbyn actually secures power you honestly think people like Sally will be able to stand up to him. And in any case, the Rubicon will still have been crossed. The anti-Semites will have entered government.