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Twitter Web Client : "The State has learned nothing from its inability to tame Islam in Helmand and Basra because it will hear nothing said to the detriment of its enemies. Instead, it is focussed on virtue signalling" Great new article here!
#Altnewsmedia #TommyRobinson

Twitter Web Client : In 1997, John Major led the Conservatives to their lowest share of the vote (30.7%) since 1832.
Tomorrow, if the polls are correct, Theresa May's Conservatives will record around 9% of the vote.
Let's be honest.
This is an extinction event.

Twitter Web Client : Yup. She can dodge until Friday, then take the weekend, but the results from #EUelections2019 will finish her. So if you needed further motivation, make SURE you vote #BrexitParty #UKIP tomorrow. Slay the dragon :-) twitter.com/_HelenDale/sta…

iPhone : 6 years since #LeeRigby was butchered with a cleaver on the streets of the U.K.

2 years since 22 of our children were slain with nails and bolts at a pop concert.

You sugar-coat and hashtag softly all you want.

We are the targets of Islamist hate. And still we bow down.

iPhone : It’s over for the Conservatives. This is going to be the worst defeat in their history. I also think it marks the end of their history. Yes, May was beyond awful, but her cabinet and many backbencher played along with the betrayal.

iPhone : The most coherent argument for Remain that I’ve ever heard. 😎

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iPhone : Did Femi delete his incitement to violence tweet - then paraphrase what he didn't say in order to make his original, vile comment look benign?
And does he expect us to be as stupid as his #FBPE loon chums are and believe his version of events? twitter.com/Femi_Sorry/sta…

iPhone : I am aware many pro Brexit Gibraltarians are disgusted at receiving all this dross. I believe that they would value a reach out from .⁦Nigel Farage⁩ and #BrexitParty

iPhone : So it is Theresa May directly ensuring the persecution of our veterans. 😎 twitter.com/tnewtondunn/st…