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iPhone : A conservative reaction to the Warren Court infused energy to Republican ascendency in the 1970s and 80s. I wonder if outrage at the decisions of the Roberts Court will fuel progressives in the years ahead. Will Democratic candidates make the Supreme Court a rallying cry in 2020?

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Twitter Web Client : In looking back at my career, I've seen stories that initially got little attention later emerge as world changing: the Internet, climate change, even originally the civil rights movement. In all the chaos of the present news cycle, I wonder what we are missing.

iPhone : Increasingly the record shows that the scale of President Trump’s disregard for the Constitution is only matched by the brazenness with which he does so.

Twitter Web Client : In response to Mueller Report, Sen. Elizabeth Warren & other Dems called for House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings on Pres. Trump. Do you support calls for impeachment? Discussion at 10:15am ET on my Radio Andy broadcast Dial 844-305-2639 #DanRathersAmerica

Twitter Web Client : On Earth Day I acknowledge the planet my generation and those who followed inherited isn't the one we're leaving to those who come next. We've made progress in some areas, but climate change overshadows - a failure of leadership, imagination, and empathy.

iPhone : Happy Easter to all who celebrate. It has always been a special time for the Rather family, to take stock, give thanks, breathe deeply, and look to the future. We count our blessings and face our struggles with determination, reveling in the spirit of the holy day.

iPhone : The horror of what happened in Sri Lanka, the scores murdered in churches and going about their lives, is a tragic reminder this Easter Sunday of the persistence of hate and the preciousness and precariousness of life. My heart is with those suffering and mourning.

Twitter Web Client : Passover is one of the great biblical stories, apt for our current time, and all times. May we think of those who aren't free, who struggle and toil under the yoke of oppression. May we these people our empathy, compassion, and aid. Happy Passover to all who celebrate it.

iPhone : Remember when there was a passionate debate about whether the press should use the word “lie” to describe the lies coming out of this administration? Seems so quaint and long ago.

iPhone : When Barr’s misrepresentations came out, Trump and his enablers yelled fake news and attacked the press for getting it wrong. When the real Mueller report showed the press got it largely right, Trump and his enablers yelled fake news and attacked the press for getting it wrong.

iPhone : #PhotoFriday
My lifes dream has become a reality. I have seen the Jewish defense of the ghetto in all its strength & glory. -Mordechai Anielewicz.

#OTD 19 April 1943 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began.

View the photos below, and learn more here ow.ly/542C50qhfeJ

Twitter Web Client : When we look at #Auschwitz we see the end of the process. It's important to remember that the #Holocaust did not start from gas chambers. This hatred slowly developed from words, stereotypes & prejudice through legal exclusion, dehumanisation & violence. It is a powerful warning. twitter.com/auschwitzmuseu…