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iPhone : Is Pres. Trump’s threat to unleash a mass immigration round up real or another cynical and divisive diversion? Either way this toxic rhetoric damages and betrays American ideals. Immigration is a difficult issue. But he’s about stoking anger and fear, not finding solutions.

Twitter Web Client : I know tomorrow is Father’s Day. But it is I who feels blessed, today and everyday, deeply thankful to my family. I have seen a lot of this world, but with you I am always at home.

Twitter Web Client : For Father’s Day, I think of my own who passed away far too young. He's not forgotten; I saw him in some of these poems. What a great way to mark the day. Poets.org is a great follow on Twitter, especially now when beauty and nuance can seem far away. poets.org/fathers-day-po…

Twitter Web Client : Not even I am old enough to "Remember the Maine" but I know enough about history to know a rush to judgement and action is dangerous. (I do remember WMD) I don't know what happened to the tanker in the Gulf. I hope we let facts and not passions dictate the path forward.

iPhone : A game for the ages. The Warriors will wonder what if. The Raptors hoist the trophy. Both teams deserve to raise their heads in pride. It was a treat to behold.

iPhone : Will there be a game 7? I can’t remember a major championship when it felt like both teams were sort of underdogs. #NBAFinals

iPhone : Sarah Sanders, we hardly knew ya. Actually that’s not really true. Your tenure serving this administration will now be in the hands of historians to judge.

Twitter Web Client : "Russia, if you're listening..."
"North Korea, if you're listening..."
"Saudi Arabia, if you're listening..."
This is a plausible reading of President Trump's reelection strategy to "unskew" the polls.

Twitter Web Client : It's like President Trump is testing how craven his GOP enablers are... Cuddle up to a murderous dictator? Crickets. Welcome election "help" from a hostile foreign power? Nothing to see here. On and on! Oh how I wish this was Candid Camera and not the state of the Republic.

Twitter Web Client : Im honored to be the guest on Dan Rathers The Big Interview this Tuesday (6/18) on AXS TV

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iPhone : Anne Frank would be 90 years old today. We owe her, and the millions more who perished, infants to the elderly, to never forget their stories. We must teach future generations about the murderous horrors of the Holocaust and the danger of seeing fellow human beings as "others."

iPhone : Hello New York... join me and Dan Rather for a discussion about my new book: “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” Tonight at B&N Union Square. #NotTheEnemy

Twitter Web Client : Why are car key fobs apparently so darn expensive? A friend had his stop working on relatively new Honda. But it is only covered for 6 months under warranty! Hundreds of dollars to replace. Seems a lot for a simple electronic device. Any others have similar difficulties?

iPhone : Framing of “the Trump Administration’s stance on climate change” should be treated as something as credible as the “the Trump Administration’s stance on gravity.”