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iPhone : If you haven’t read the 9/17 ltr from the IGIC, read it.

Imagine how bad it has to be for a Trump appointee to scream like the IGIC has done here.

Our country is in danger. Glad there are still some folks who care about 🇺🇸 more than politics.…

iPhone : That all suggests to me that the whistleblower story is likely to expand beyond the malfeasance we know of today. I also expect something that’s (reasonably speaking) “within the authorities and responsibilities of the DNI” (the statutory scope of an “urgent concern”).

iPhone : Based on the reporting of NYT, WaPo, and CNN, it was not—all have said the complaint describes multiple events.……

iPhone : The Times’s publisher speaking truth to power — and calling on all who value freedom of the press to step up and defend it. A must-read.…

iPhone : The “Impeachment would endanger freshmen like Abigail Spanberger” crowd lost Abigail Spanberger.

As part of 7 now calling for impeachment.…

iPhone : And I say this as somebody who's very much not a fan of the candidate in question.

But still, do not let that cloud your judgment.

What he's doing is authoritarian disinformation bullshit. Don't abet it with sloppy reporting.


iPhone : Keep the focus solely on HIS MISDEEDS:

He is abusing the power of the presidency and US taxpayer dollars to pervert US foreign policy and strongarm a vulnerable ally to interfere on his personal behalf in our sovereign elections.



iPhone : Dear Media AND Democrats:

When discussing the Whistleblower Crisis:

Do not do this WH's dirty work for them.

Do not mention the name of the candidate he's trying to smear. Do not mention the debunked conspiracy theories he's trying to resurrect.

Don't mention any of it


iPhone : Do you have a Republican Senator? If so, you really should call them. Apparently, none of them see any type of news whatsoever, nor do they have a system in place in their office to make sure they see important news items. 🙄…

iPhone : For a balanced view of the whistleblower matter, read letter from ICIG, a Trump appointee. He says the matter is credible, of urgent concern, and relates to “one of the most significant and important of the DNI’s responsibilities to the American people.”…

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