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iPhone : Rather like a black hole, a boundary known as the ‘event horizon’ exists around this laundry basket. Once any particles, electromagnetic radiation (such as light), or in this case, items of clothing pass this boundary, no escape is possible...

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iPhone : For more information please check out my book: The book you wish your parents had read and your children will be glad that you did. amazon.co.uk/Book-Wish-Your… twitter.com/FinancialTimes…

iPhone : What an utter coward Boris Johnson is. “We cannot accommodate everybody” is how he explains running scared from #AndrewNeilInterview

Is this really what the public wants? A PM who runs when things get hard?

#GE2019 #GetJohnsonGone

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iPhone : A little context.

#YouGov joint founder is Nadhim Zahawi, the Conservative business minister who recently on Andrew Neil said he “didn’t know” if Corbyn would shoot rich people.

Context is everything. Don’t believe the polls.


iPhone : Well, Corbyn interview got 3.2m viewers. So not that "tired".
The Tories posted it on Facebook. So not "tired" at all.
"Tired" never raised when trying to fix time and date.
This "source" is a "pyramid of piffle"
PS to source: monologue got 4m+ views. So some voter interest. twitter.com/alexwickham/st…

iPhone : Boris Johnson’s Brexit envoy to US resigns saying

“I would prefer to do something more rewarding with my time than peddle half-truths on behalf of a government I do not trust.” independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…

iPhone : If some accuse me of talking to both sides in the Brexit debate then so be it. I’m proud of it.

Why would I only want to talk to half the country? I don’t want to live in half a country.

A prime minister must talk and listen to everyone - and bring our divided country together.

iPhone : Oh my God!! 😱
Watch Barry Gardiner drag Dominic why you sweating Raab.. “this is not a one nation prime minister this is a 1% Prime Minister”

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iPhone : Once again, Boris Johnson talking nonsense about nurses.

The NHS is being destroyed under Conservatives. Nurses had their bursary taken. Beds & resources cut. Waiting lists growing. Ambulances queueing outside hosptls.

Good luck to all who believe this drivel.

iPhone : Again, Boris Johnson almost scowling when challenged on the NHS. Aware it’s a game changer, aware the Conservatives have wrecked it, aware the public are cottoning on to all the lies.


iPhone : Jeremy Corbyn sounding prime ministerial & serious about bringing about positive change for the country. Boris Johnson childish, bumbling & taking the country for a ride.


iPhone : One week left, lets paint our towns red.

Were calling on Labour activists to wear red this weekend.

Lets show the solidarity and strength of our movement, inspired and empowered by the many, not the few.


iPhone : Vote Labour.

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iPhone : Evidence that Boris Johnson is lying again and doing what he previously said he would never accept. Putting a border down the Irish Sea. Boris Johnson's Brexit withdrawal deal is a disaster for the whole UK.


iPhone : 🔥Lead Brexit envoy in UK’s embassy in Washington resigns, saying can no longer “peddle half-truths” on behalf of political leaders & warns of demands being placed on civil servants not to be “fully honest” with the public.

#Marr #BorisJohnsonsBrexit