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Hootsuite Inc. : Worth reading from Derek Thompson: theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…

In the last 50 years, the number of bathrooms per person in America has doubled -- from 2 people for every bathroom to today's gleaming 1:1 ratio between Americans and bathrooms.

TweetDeck : Just saying, Darwin used to tear up his books, file parts under themes of inquiry, and made personal indexes to them. As Howard Gruber observed, he used books "as tools for getting knowledge, not as exhibitions of knowledge already crystallized." twitter.com/alex_christofi…

Hootsuite Inc. : Doing the easy stuff (ex: answering email) first delivers a sense of accomplishment.

But it can harm your productivity long term, because learning comes through difficulty.

Do the hard stuff first. But break it into pieces to get a sense of completion.


Hootsuite Inc. : Interesting: "The human brain is actually structured more like comics than traditional language, because we first understand the world around us by mapping spatial and relational information onto our own bodies, much the way we do when we read comics."


Hootsuite Inc. : Haven't seen kerry washington's gut wrenching performance in Netflix's #AmericanSon?

Stop & do so now.

Then read my friend & education leader Carlos R. Moreno's reflections on what it means for our schools, our communities, and our future.


TweetDeck : Breaking: Susan Cain, @gladwell, Adam Grant, & I have selected the 6 finalists for the Winter 2020 Next Big Idea Club.

Check out these half-dozen titles that will challenge, enlighten, and inspire.


Hootsuite Inc. : The New York Public library just compiled the 10 most checked-out books in its 125-year history.

Heres the list:


Hootsuite Inc. : Worth Reading: Kelly McGonigal on How Exercise Changes Your Brain.
- Exercise “high” primes you to connect with others.
- Exercise can make your brain more sensitive to joy.
- Exercise makes you brave.
- Moving with others builds trust and belonging.


Hootsuite Inc. : This is how to learn new material: Frequent practice and testing over periods of days, weeks, or months

This is *not* how to learn new material: Re-reading or highlighting textbooks.


#usefulscience (via Useful Science)

TweetDeck : The average woman spends $4,569 out-of-pocket on childbirth.

This is how much you pay to have a baby *after* insurance kicks in.


Hootsuite Inc. : Profession that rates highest for honesty & ethics: Nurses.

Professions that rate lowest: Members of Congress, car salespeople.


Hootsuite Inc. : “When I think I’m teaching, I’m probably not. When I don’t think I’m teaching, I probably am.”

RIP, John Baldessari.


Hootsuite Inc. : Politeness pays!

Emotionally intelligent signage -- and dynamic pricing -- at a cafe in Cartagena, Colombia.