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Android : Katy Brand Risk that he would double down (as he has for the last two years) way too high. He is a rabble rouser... It takes skills he doesn't possess to walk this back imo.

Android : (((Zoe Williams))) I can find milkshaking Farage both hystericaly funny AND I can also recognise that normalising physical attacks on politicians (no matter how trivial the attack or repugnant the victim) erodes the integrity of the public square. This does not lead to a good place.

Android : Andrew Adonis 1/This election has zero effect on Labourโ€™s agency on Brexit,
2/ Any vote taken from Greens and LibDems & given to Labour > interpreted as a vote for Labour's "please everybody" Brexit fudge.
3/a vote for unambiguously anti Brexit parties has the most influence on Labour.

Twitter Web Client : Julie Owen Moylan TBH all is sort of irrelevant. Remain vote is split regardless. The task remainers have is ensuring the post election narrative is all about the popular vote (how many voted for unambiguously Remain parties), & how this was at the expense of an equivocating Labour party.