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Twitter Web Client : These thugs are not fit to lick your boots Femi. Your campaigning over the past few years has been an example of great and tireless patriotism. I hope this will motivate others to get out to vote. Let's do all we can to stop the hard right winning tomorrow. twitter.com/Femi_Sorry/sta…

Android : The UK's social safety net has been "deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos", according to a UN report.

The "ideological" cuts to public services since the Tories took over have led to "tragic consequences".


Android : The UK has a long history of giving sanctuary to refugees, but what refugees have contributed to the UK in return has been so much greater.

Let's celebrate #RefugeeWeek2019


Android : Distressing to watch this. Real jobs are being lost. Normal people are paying the price.

We could be the first casualty of Brexit, but I doubt well be the last.

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Android : Theresa May has blown it again. The only chance she had of getting new support for her deal was to tie it to a #PeoplesVote, with the option to remain. No one can rely on concessions she cannot guarantee her hardline successor will stick to. Give the public a final say.

Twitter Web Client : The case for Europe in 124 seconds!

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Twitter Web Client : Contextual data should also be used in admissions. There needs to be recognition of the academic evidence that confirms a student with three A grades from a council estate has achieved more on merit than their counterpart with the same grades from a posh public school.

Twitter Web Client : Nevertheless, there is still a great deal more work to do. These reforms continue to allow Oxford’s 38 autonomous colleges enormous discretion over how seriously to take access. For true systemic change, admissions should be centralised.

Twitter Web Client : Oxford now joins Cambridge in recognising the need for a foundation year to open up admissions to bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Other top institutions in the Russell Group should follow suit.

Twitter Web Client : Regardless of the town you are from, the school you go to, and your ethnic background, the country’s top academic institutions should be open to you. These reforms move some way towards making that happen.

Twitter Web Client : After years of campaigning, I'm very pleased there will now be a foundation year Oxford University.

This is a major step forward. Oxford is now recognising that hard work and radical reforms are needed to find the best talent from across the country.

Android : All media should boycott Brexit Party events if they have really blacklisted Channel 4 News for exposing the truth. twitter.com/MarkDiStef/sta…

Android : Richard Tice on #r4today this morning says "voters have lost trust in democracy". Minutes later he refuses to deny that the Brexit Party is accepting donations in foreign currencies. The only thing he's right about is that our politics is in crisis.

Android : Thousands of vulnerable teenagers are being "dumped" in unregulated homes and "abandoned to organised crime gangs". This system is setting up a whole generation of young people to fail.

Android : The UK's 'cruel and harmful policies' lack regard for child hunger, says Human Rights Watch. The government is failing in its most basic obligations to ensure people have enough food.


Android : Heartwarming to watch such a tremendous act of generosity. See the happiness ripple through the graduating class as they realise Robert F Smith just promised to pay off their entire student debt.

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Android : It looks like some progress is finally being made at Oxbridge. Whichever town you come from, and whatever your background, if you are bright and work hard you should have the chance to succeed.