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Twitter Web App : Here are the companies profiting off ICE contracts:

GEO Group: $2.2B

CoreCivic: $879M

Deloitte: $249M

Booz Allen Hamilton: $148M

McKinsey & Co: $26.3M

Dell: $52.9M

Sprint: $43.1M

U.S. Bancorp: $37.5M

Microsoft: $14.6M

Pass it on. readsludge.com/2019/07/30/ice…

iPhone : 6/Oh..and BTW The New York Times, Stephen Miller is not a “young firebrand” who’s “leading a crusade” on behalf of a “movement.”

He’s a damned racist who’s dictating and implementing the hateful nativist agenda of the white nationalist who occupies the Oval Office. nytimes.com/2019/08/17/us/…

iPhone : How is it that the Times publishes the 1619 Project and also a headline soft pedaling a white nationalist like Stephen Miller as a “firebrand?”

iPhone : Stephen Miller is being described as a “young firebrand” who’s “leading a crusade” on behalf of a “movement.” twitter.com/juddlegum/stat…

Facebook : Don’t miss this in depth profile of Stephen Miller who dictates Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump’s cruel anti-immigrant policies to Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump. washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/…

iPhone : 5/Aimed at excluding middle- and working class immigrants, particularly immigrants of color, Trump’s Public Charge rule is a naked attempt to cut legal immigration without Congress changing a word of the law

iPhone : 4/Ex, The “Public Charge”
Rule-Miller’s signature project-is, in reality, an attempt to reduce immigration fr a core American value to a Trump Golf Club-type amenity reserved for the rich, connected & predominantly white.

iPhone : 3/this article makes clear, in shocking detail, that what Stephen Miller excels at is not smart immigration policy but the methodical transformation of the ugly ideology of white separatists & white supremacists into Trump’s despicable, racist immigration agenda.

iPhone : 2/what Miller’s anti-immigrant initiatives have in common is failure; incl a Trump induced humanitarian crisis at the border, the horror of children permanently separated from their parents, kids in cages, abuse by immigration agents & death, incl the death of children...

iPhone : Stephen Miller has amassed influence over Trump as a sycophantic advisor w/deep connections to nativist hate groups FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA, allowing him to churn out cruel & failed schemes like family separation, children in cages & the public charge rule.. washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/…

iPhone : Weird irony to John Tanton getting more press than ever a few weeks after he died but anyway:

So yeah America, the man who wrote “The Case for Passive Eugenics” founded the modern anti-immigrant movement and is super influential - and awful!

TweetDeck : The author of a paper which argues that democracy requires ethnic homogeneity to thrive, and that ethnic diversity weakens a nation state, is Trump's nominee for a federal judgeship. on.msnbc.com/2z17pXP