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Bio British character actor, best known for the little Belgian, Poirot, but many other characters too.
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iPhone : I start our Australian tour DAVID SUCHET - POIROT and MORE -A RETROSPECTIVE today- in Perth. With the lovely Jane Hutcheon. I am so excited. Next stop CANBERRA. 👍👍👍

Twitter for iPad : The Mesuline in St. Katharine docks well worth a visit. Enjoy 👍😊 twitter.com/Speddoc/status…

Twitter for iPad : The Mesuline fish restaurant in St. Katharine Docks London E1 is a MUST.EVERY DAY A NEW AND FRESH ‘ catch.’ Menu changes daily. This is a unique experience. Please enjoy your meal!,,😋😋😋

Twitter for iPad : Today the spotlight is on Luke. Luke looks after planning issues for us, as well as doing his day job.

If you can spare some time to help us, visit: lhcrt.org.uk/volunteers.html

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iPhone : And so- as the clock nears midnight in the Uk I wish every single one of my followers a happy, healthy, peaceful 2020😊😊🥳🥳🥳

iPhone : Spoke to someone at The BBC yesterday, this person told me they are SHITTING themselves right now, as viewing figures have plummeted since the election. I mean, REALLY plumetted
They now realise their propaganda bullshit has undone them, they fear there's no way back

There isn't

iPhone : Hello, I made it, I'm free!! I escaped Saudi, I escaped my family, I'm free! No one can hurt me anymore. I can be myself at last I don't need to hide! Years of planning I finally made it!! Fuck Saudi Arabia, fuck the Saudi royal family, I'm an atheist and won't hide anymore.