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Bio Day One partners with young people to recognize, prevent and end intimate partner violence and sexual assault.
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Twitter Web Client : Evidence indicates that when women are unable to access abortions, they are at greater risk for domestic abuse.…

Twitter Web Client : Thirty five percent of women who report intimate partner violence also report pregnancy coercion or birth control sabotage. Survivors of IPV need access to safe, legal reproductive care and abortions because they are not always pregnant by choice.…

Twitter Web Client : On #IDAHOTB2019, we recognize the unacceptable levels of violence faced by our LGBTQ+ community, especially trans people of color. The path to a world free of gender-based violence starts with equity and inclusion. Thank you to all the advocates leading the way with love. #IDAHOT

Buffer : Megan is right. Each year in the US, over 324K pregnant women experience domestic abuse – & that number is both underreported AND underestimated.

#IAmNotOk w that. Has domestic violence touched your life? Share your story using the hashtag, or submit via

Twitter Web Client : This much-needed rebrand comes after years of labor from advocates, organizers, and young people–all across the country–who have been leading the charge. #SexEdForAll…

Hootsuite Inc. : "My abuser was able to utilize our home technology to stalk and harass me even from thousands of miles away."

Hootsuite Inc. : As soon as you report something, you’re no longer one of us. You’re on the other side.”

Hootsuite Inc. : “It’s not about the viability of winning these cases. . . It’s about cultural norms and values. And at the heart of it is a stunning amount of misogyny.”

iPhone : In honor of #mothersday we send our gratitude to the mothers out there of all genders helping raise strong anti-violence advocates! Help us out by donating in their honor.

Buffer : It's a bit like becoming addicted to a DRUG. A psychologically abusive relationship is a ROLLERCOASTER, with PUNISHMENT and then intermittent reinforcement of kindness when you "behave." This means the body is going through its own TURMOIL with high STRESS…

Buffer : Avoiding social media can make survivors feel even more isolated, but is there a safe way for them to use social media without risking further abuse? We share 8 tips for using social media safely that everyone should pay attention to.…

Hootsuite Inc. : "DOE Failed To Protect Students From Sexual Assaults, Lawsuit Alleges" via Gothamist

Buffer : Check out this blog from our friends at @NNEDV on the link between #domesticviolence and #eatingdisorders.…
#NoDietDay #NEDANetwork

Buffer : We know it's hard to find quality sexual health information online, that's why we made our Roo chatbot to answer all your questions. ~……

iPhone : Thank you COMMON for your courage and your honesty. Every survivor that comes forward about abuse reduces the stigma against people who have experienced harm.
Every survivor shd make the best decision for themselves about disclosing abuse. Thank for your choice to be public.…

Buffer : Thank you to our Master's of Ceremonies Zerlina Maxwell for sharing your story and advocating for survivors through your work! #EndRapeCulture