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Bio Day One partners with young people to recognize, prevent and end intimate partner violence and sexual assault.
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iPhone : As we celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, its important to remember that jealously, ownership and control are not romantic. #LoveShouldAlwaysBeSafe no matter what! Join us in creating healthy relationships for todays youth-- and tomorrows. #15AndForward

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Buffer : It happens more than you know. These high numbers are why we work directly with youth in order to end dating violence among young people. Read more about our impact on our website,

Twitter Web Client : Happy International Non-Binary People’s Day! Non-binary people exist. Non-binary people belong. Non-binary people are survivors. Seeing and celebrating you today and every day 💜💛🖤 #InternationalNonBinaryDay

Buffer : According to a 2016 report by the National Institute of Justice, domestic violence affects one in two women and one in three men in our Native American communities.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Reminder that what we consider a 'toxic' relationship can be abusive. Always demanding to know who you’re with and where you are, blaming you for everything, and accusing you of cheating can all be signs of emotional abuse. Visit our website to learn more.

Buffer : Geolocation sharing applications can be used differently and threaten the safety of DV/SA survivors. Abusers might locate and stalk the survivors by accessing the phone physically and activating the location sharing feature.… via WIRED

Buffer : Fair housing advocates (especially Sandra Park and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project) have exposed how cities use chronic nuisance ordinances to evict domestic violence survivors, especially women of color, who call 911 for help.…

Twitter Web Client : tessellations This a gorgeous piece. Congratulations on leaving that relationship, and thank you for using your voice and your art to speak out. Each time you share your story you may be helping someone else.

Twitter Web Client : #JeffreyEpsteinArrest has brought media attention to the very real issue of sex trafficking. To learn more, ask questions, or seek help, we encourage you to visit our website. Click here to read a recent blog post about trafficking.……

Twitter Web Client : Financial abuse can include your partner forbidding you to work, refusing to work or contribute, controlling how all of the money is spent, not allowing you access to bank accounts, stealing your identity, and more. Questions or want to learn more? Visit…

Twitter Web Client : All survivors should know their Title IX rights. If you want to help educate your community, download and share our free Know Your Rights poster for college and high school students. This is a great way to ensure survivors are informed and empowered.…

Twitter Web Client : Katrina Determan This is so powerful, Katrina! Thank you for sharing your story in such and open and honest way. Each time a survivor speaks out, it reduces the stigma and may be helping someone else in that position. 💚