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Twitter Web Client : LiquidNitro Also,
better mechanics
you mean Dynamax? And the removal of Megas (something people actually liked) and Z-moves (something that people were indifferent to but didnt hate)?
better animation
do I even have to say it

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Android : A Hyperactive Scorbunny Imagine all the work
Oh Im imagining, and it aint much

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Android : LiquidNitro Her name is Maractus, and shes one of my top 6 faves from Unova you swine. You fool. You plebian. Shell Pin Missile your fingers. #BringBackNationalDex

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Android : Allie-RX 1) given the last 2 gens, I think its safe to assume that we'll only be getting another 80 new Pokémon
2) If the Switch can handle games like Skyrim, MK11, and Witcher 3, it can handle all the pokemon models (that are just being ported from the 3DS, btw) #BringBackNationalDex