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Android : Allow me to chime in for a bit if you don’t mind? Thank ya Darlin. In my own Cinnamon Apple Butter Pie Humble opinion.That weren’t nobody’s Hoo-Raw child! Look more like one of them Republican Party’s “Whomp Whomp’ moments. Okay?! Didn’t mean to interrupt. You so sweeeet!👵🏾 twitter.com/shanestanley/s…

Android : Lawd!! I thought this was a drag queen who’d forgotten her wig and makeup! Who’s idea was it that felt we’d be entertained? A rhythmless, lying, Pot Squally, who tries to stay on beat. This poor thing’s Cha Cha moves look more like muscle spasms! True Story! twitter.com/yashar/status/…

Android : Only if you’re willing to share why Na Na Alize’ who hates herself continually lies about understanding what humanity and true compassion means. She’s sold her soul, turned her back on Black people in an attempt to sell us to Trump. I’ll say it again she’s been dismissed! twitter.com/angryandasian/…

Android : Watch the woman in the grey hat....she doesnt seem very impressed and seems kind of bored

Even seems like she didnt want to cheer

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Android : Should we make a # for when we need to be cheered up by fellow resistance members?

Like #BatSignalResistance or
#ResistLove or #SupportForResistors

I've wanted to ask for support but didn't want to be a downer...

Using a # for this gives permission to ask 4 help. Thoughts? twitter.com/KikiAdine/stat…

Android : I have had to survive several GOP presidents. Obviously I disagreed with their policies. Never before, however, has one of them made me ashamed for our county. Dishonest, disloyal, thin-skinned, petty and ignorant. He's making us a laughingstock. #VoteBlue nationalreview.com/magazine/2017/…

Android : #LGBTQ people come so far, but we have a long struggle ahead of us!

Conservative #religious forces are cementing their privilege to harm #queer folks in the name of #ReligiousFreedom.

Just ask this shocked #bisexual teen. He knows all about it!


Android : Why are #gender rebels sexually suspect and taken for prey? I don't know. But I sure learned how that works the Halloween I dressed as Mae West. This is my story.

#LGBTQ #transgender #GenderBasedViolence


Android : We need to take 2020 very seriously. It's not that we can't win, but the chances are not what we think it is.

It really says a lot, if most Americans don't wanna see 45 impeached. It means ppl feel that he was democratically elected, even if he lost by popular vote.

Android : Code word for: 45's never gonna be impeached. As long as over 50% of Americans don't want to see trump impeached it's never going to happen. I told you guys this isn't the 20th century we keep underestimating the division & overestimating trump-haters. cnn.com/2019/09/16/pol…