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Android : . James There is nothing wrong with this it's the management team....shanny is part of it, doesn't mean Dubus sucks.

Android : rahef 🌻 James Yea, totally, it’s so far behind other negotiations like Rantanen, Point, Laine, Werenski, Tkachuk, Boeser, McAvoy and Connor.

They are doing so much better in their discussions than Marner. Clearly.

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Android : Once again, Leafs management needs to instill a zero tolerance policy apropos Ferris. If you hire him, you get traded immediately. twitter.com/Account4hockey…

Android : I have translated Panarin's interview to a Russian Youtube channel, where he rips Putin to shreds. It's absolutely magnificent. Nothing like this has ever been said by a Russian athlete, ever. Please, read this. The Breadman is an absolute monster.

Android : So much could’ve gone wrong here

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Android : *Leafs meeting with Tavares*

Shanahan: Wed like to call Christian Dvorak to the stand

Dubas: Christian, how many goals did you score during the last year you played with Marner?

Dvorak (sobbing uncontrollably): 73

Dubas: In how many games?

Dvorak: 81

Tavares: Omg

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Android : Uh-oh... more controversy in Nylanderland? 🤔

Let’s see where the Derps take this one.

People came from all over, only to find out Willy left out some pretty important details..

Lol.. *waits* twitter.com/LobertoOnSport…

Android : Gen crY losing their shit on Twitter, and I’m enjoying the summer, like... #muskoka #thelivinseasy

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Android : Don’t send a woman to do a mans job

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