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Android : Jessica Huseman Tulsa World So you’re obscuring a fact-error you made by doubling down on how much you hate the editorial. You’re free to dislike the content and opine about it being published. Just know who you’re talking about before you do. That’s why I’m taking issue

Android : Did you know:

Elizabeth Warren's son-in-law has close ties with the Iranian government, producing multiple films pushing Iranian propaganda

The full film credits have mysteriously been scrubbed from the web

Could this be why she is so soft on the murderous Iranian regime?


Android : Let’s be 100% clear - the only reason to restrict the impeachment managers to 24 hours over 2 days is to make sure the evidence is presented in the dead of the night, when no one is watching.

It’s not about finding the truth or honoring our duty.

It’s all about the coverup.

Android : The DNC wants to spend $50 million on security for their convention in Milwaukee.

I have a better idea.

Let’s send them a couple of gun-free zone signs instead!

Who’s with me?

Android : 22,000 people showed up in Virginia to protest an infringement on their Constitutional rights

No buildings vandalized

No journalists attacked

No cops were harassed

Some in the media call these patriots domestic terrorists

Yet they refuse to say the same about ANTIFA


Android : Mayor Lee Harris Don't tax vehicle owners. Raise the tax on cigarettes & alcohol. The poor waste their money on these unhealthy addictive substances and must be taxed out of them or they will stay poor.

Android : Today, more than 200,000 people in our community live in poverty. More troubling, our poverty numbers are growing. More than 25,000 people live in poverty this year that were not in poverty last year. Let us all heed Dr. King’s words and help lift our neighbors out of poverty.

Android : AutoZone Park looking for seasonal help for upcoming sports' seasons bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2…

Android : Delanie Walker takes the field, ready to support his #Titans teammates.

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