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Bio Currently undergoing screamotherapy for windmill cancer. Ig: @docziggy. Yes, they call me Dr at the clinic.
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iPhone : I hate him to the core of my being. I have never hated anyone in my life but I hate this SOB. I hope he lives long enough to do his prison time minute-for-minute. I hate Donald Trump and I know it’s wrong, but I’m not going to change this. H. A. T. E.

iPhone : Senator John Cornyn Ted Cruz

I’m unfortunate enough to have you two ass kidding lowlifes as senators. I deserve you because at one time I voted for you. No more. There is no redemption. Zero. You cannot come back from this. You’re horrible excuses for humans. Congratulations.…

iPhone : This fella is stunningly beautiful. Who knew Jaguars could swim?

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iPhone : I got carried away and started singing along with Cee Lo’s biggest hit. I thought I was sounding good. But the preacher got really mad.

iPhone : Dear Media:

A bunch of us don’t give a rat’s ass about Trump and his klan rallies. He is a non-human. Please cover something more pleasant, like severe jock itch or perhaps paper cuts to the nose. Thank you.