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iPhone : Our President Trump Trump on late term abortion:

“I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from God.”-Donald Trump live from Rio Rancho, New Mexico 9/16/19 🇺🇸

Enough Said!

iPhone : Today, Sept 17th, marks the completion of my FIRST YEAR as a political commentator here on Twitter.

I’ve met LOTS of unbelievably great people, have learned a lot & even started to write articles. Such a cool journey!

Thank you ALL! 👍🏼 TOGETHER we will “KEEP AMERICA GREAT”! 🇺🇸

iPhone : After the Russia Hoax failed the Fake News will throw anything and everything at Trump now.

We are going to fight for Trump in 2020 harder than the Fake News fought against him in 2016.

We will give Donald J. Trump a Landslide 2020 Victory. #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #TrumpRally

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iPhone : Thank you so much for this tweet .Chuck Woolery

Laura’s been put through hell 4 exposing 1lhan 0MAR & The Squad.

I know she’s going to fight tooth & nail to stop j1hadists & socialists once elected to Congress, but Patriots, she needs your $ support

iPhone : Thank you Juanita Broddrick
This means a lot to Laura & me as well.

She’s a fighter like u for what’s right, & she’s going to make a GREAT Congresswoman!

She’ll take on The Squad & fight 4 1A & 2A rights as well as CAPITALISM which made the U.S. the greatest nation EVER

iPhone : #LiesAndDelusions are all groups like #SleepingGiants have to offer.

They practice #Censorship against successful conservatives, so as to destroy the credibility of those with whom they disagree.

Dont fall for their #Illusions.

Demand #MoreFreeSpeech!

iPhone : This Is Why Blexit Happening


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