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iPhone : WATCH: President Trump thanks all the House Democrats who voted overwhelmingly against impeachment today.

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iPhone : This is why the unchecked bias in Big Tech monopolies needs to stop now. A few leftists from California can’t have the power to determine the fate of our country.

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iPhone : New OpEd from Donald Trump Jr.:

"Leader McConnell and the GOP majority in the Senate must stand up to the rampant obstruction coming from the resistance Democrats and fight to ensure that my father’s nominees are all given an up or down vote immediately."…

iPhone : Following the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack, the MN House overwhelmingly passed legislation in 2017 to ensure terrorists could not benefit from taking out life insurance policies.

Rep. Ilhan Omar was one of just two members who voted against it.…

iPhone : In case you missed it

-AOC launches campaign calling immigration detention centers “concentration camps”

-Antifa FIREBOMBS immigration center, uses AOC’s “concentration camp” language in manifesto

-On video AOC flat out REFUSES to condemn attacks

Where’s the media on this?!

iPhone : Having read Trump's tweets, I see nothing related even remotely to race.  However, having read and listened to Omar, Tlaib, and AOC the last few months, including in the last few days, they've made repeated anti-Semitic statements, which have mostly been defended or....

iPhone : Congratulations to ⁦Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google⁩ on becoming the most dishonest company to appear before Congress. Today ⁦Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google⁩ exec denied censoring search results in China, denied ⁦Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google) 's Twitter Profile">Google⁩ is doing biz there now, and denied ⁦YouTube⁩ has catered to pedophiles

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iPhone : 19 of these MS-13 gang members are illegal aliens who entered the U.S. within the last 4 years

Prosecutors say that one of their victims was "dismembered and had his heart cut out"

Trump called MS-13 gang members "animals"

Democrats and the media defended MS-13 from that label…

iPhone : House Democrats do nothing on the border for 7 months, but are going to spend the entirety of today fighting for Speaker Pelosi’s ability to break House rules and call the President a racist on the floor.

This is your Democrat majority.

iPhone : No, I really don’t think I’ll be lectured on decorum and good faith debate by anyone who compares our federal law enforcement agents at the border to Nazi concentration camp guards

Sorry, not this week.

Not ever.

iPhone : The Strib is months if not years behind other publications, in a bid to retain its legitimacy and dignity now that it's been revealed that Team Omar sought to kill any stories the Strib might run in the past detailing allegations of substantial criminality…

iPhone : Democrats and the media avoiding calling out Ilhan Omar’s rampant anti-semitism

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