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Bio Photographer: I campaign for the kind of #Brexit set out in the Lancaster House speech, ratified by the 2017GE Conservative Party manifesto!
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Twitter Web App : I know it was 20-19 to Wales but I’m absolutely sure if a few hundred thousand French supporters march in Japan they will get this very close result overturned- or at least rerun. #nousavonsperdu-rejouer!

Twitter Web App : Where are we now, after the weekend?
Mark Wallace lambasts MPs for kicking the can once again.
After all these demands that parliament must have a say on a #Brexit deal, they wont even vote on it.

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Twitter Web App : Mood in the European Parliament will be fascinating, they’ve been fed lies by pro-EU Brits for years.

Brexit committee with Guy Verhofstadt tomorrow and I will be sure to tell him what the real majority are feeling - ticked off!

Twitter Web App : Cpl Stephen Handley cruising over the 2000ft Union Flag.

Was he tight enough? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Twitter Web App : Jon Holbrook Clear aim of this #Remain HOC is to betray the #EURef.

Around 330 MPs are using the HOC to defy the will of well over 17.4 million voters.

Each & every time they inflict a defeat on the Government, they are in fact targeting the UK electorate who they rely on to re-elect them!

Twitter Web App : The SNP) 's Twitter Profile">The SNP Ian Blackford) 's Twitter Profile">Ian Blackford Only 1,661,191 Scots voted to #Remain in the #EURef

More people in the SW of England alone, 1,669,711 voted to #Leave.

Incidentally, 1,081,322 Scots actually voted to #LEAVE.

The SNP) 's Twitter Profile">The SNP do not speak for the whole of Scotland so stop claiming that you do Ian Blackford) 's Twitter Profile">Ian Blackford!

Twitter Web App : Hugo First Esq. Chootchy Face Wise would be to not follow a child, screaming and shouting when there is a child with their father tbh. The protesters are the ones in the wrong. I can’t understand how you’re attempting to victim blame.. they where victim of harassment.

Twitter Web App : Isn’t it refreshing we seem to have now found ourselves a #PM @borisjohnson Who will put the people first. He’s had everything thrown at him. On Monday, we will see further attempts to bring him down. We must all #backboris 🇬🇧

Twitter Web App : Gloria De Piero And HOW does being in a Customs Union END FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT?? That was promised in The Labour Party MANIFESTO YOU STOOD ON ??? #SurrenderAct #SurrenderBill #LeaveOct31 #CleanBreakBrexit #ParliamentVsThePeople #LabourBetrayingWorkingClass