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iPhone : For those who are interested on the COVID-19 projections in the US, check this out: I particularly like this because I believe that [any] forecast requires uncertainty quantification. Latest update was 05April.

iPhone : Is there a correlation between BCG vaccin and COVID-19 infections? The number of people infected and the death rates are different in each country, it may be because of the compulsory BCG vaccination. #bcgvaccine #COVID2019 #medRxiv #OpenScience…

Twitter Web App : "Maybe that’s why it’s a little bit easier for me to remember all the things I’m currently grateful for during this pandemic. Because I’ve already practiced being happy when I had all the reasons to be sad."

Lovely read by Linh Anh Cat for The Xylom™…

iPhone : This is my friend—husband of my bff Monisha Gandhi and wonderful father of three—fighting #COVID19 every day as a doctor serving the under/uninsured in Texas. He also receives racist hate mail because he is running for Congress. Stay safe, be kind, don’t be a racist asshole, everyone…

Twitter Web App : Dear world, #WomeninSTEM are everywhere, and we're pretty awesome. 1 Million Women In STEM have featured a bunch of amazing women, with stories of what we do, why we do it, and how we got to where we all are. They even included me! *blush*…

Twitter Web App : There's still no proven treatment for Covid-19, but a number of trials are in the works. We don't know if any of them will show effectiveness against the novel coronavirus, but here are a few you might've heard of: (1/12)

Twitter Web App : When life feels overwhelming (pretty much 24/7 now), I relax by looking at images of the incredible universe around us. Thanks, Astronomy Picture Of The Day, truly. Dancing galaxies? Yes please. It feels reminiscent of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, except here we see stars forming.…

iPhone : Knowing my followers (well, to what degree I know them), this is likely unnecessary, but it has to be said:

1. This recent M6.5 quake in Idaho is not related to Yellowstone.

2. It will not trigger a supereruption of Yellowstone.

3. Geologists are not concerned about this.

iPhone : Watch the waves from the M6.5 Idaho earthquake roll across seismic stations in North America! (THREAD) #IdahoEarthquake #IdahoQuake

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Twitter Web App : Borehole strainmeter data, B208, for M6.5 Idaho earthquake on March31, 2020, more data will be posted on UNAVCO data event response, thanks to support from NSF Geosciences

Twitter Web App : What happens at UNAVCO when there's a sizable earthquake? We jump on our event response Slack channel and start talking about it. Determine whether it is big enough to show up in our data (GPS/GNSS &/or strain, & sometimes tilt). If it is, we initiate an event response.

Twitter Web App : Hello everyone, we have 19 experience reports so far from the M6.5 #earthquake that occured in Challis, #Idaho at 4:52 pm PST. If youve felt this quake, please report your experience.

The MyShake team hopes everyone is safe during this time.

#idahoearthquake #MyShake #USGS

Twitter Web App : The Idaho quake is not Yellowstone. It is over 200 miles away. Eruptions only happen when the magma moves from a chamber to the surface - and the small shaking from a quake that far away doesn't suddenly set all the magma moving.